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Surety Bond Vs. Cash Bond: What’s Better for You?

If you get arrested and need a bail bond, you have two options: a cash bond or a surety bond. What's the difference?  The biggest difference between the two is that a cash bond transaction involves two parties while a surety bond transaction involves three parties. With a cash bond, the defendant will pay the entire bail amount in cash to the jail or court. When he or she shows up for his court hearing, he or she gets the money back, less any fees and charges charged by the court. On the other hand, when

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5 Interesting Myths about Bail Bonds

Before we proceed with the topic about myths on Bail bonds, let’s begin with its history to shed some light on how it came to be. The year 1215 marks the beginning of the bail bond service in the world when the Magna Carta has been passed in Runnymede, England. In the United States, the 8th Amendment of the Constitution is the basis for its bail system. It can vary from state to state depending on the laws placed for it. (If you are from Colorado, check out bail bonds near my location for the best

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Advantages of Availing Bail Bond Services

What will you do if someone you care about, like a family member or a close friend, gets arrested? You can handle the bail situation by yourself, and you can also opt to avail bail bond services from a reputable bonding company or agent. A bail bond agent is not necessary to post a bail, but they are here to make your life easier during this difficult situation. Accessibility If the arrest happened late at night or at any other inconvenient time, 24 hour bail bond companies can be accessible and provide assistance. You can check

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Theft, Robbery, and Burglary: What Are The Differences Under Colorado Law

Theft, burglary, and robbery are some of the most commonly commi1tted crimes in Colorado. According to statistics, 23,000 incidents of theft and over 1,000 robbery cases were reported in the city and county of Denver alone.  So, if you found yourself in this situation, you better call your criminal defense attorney to come up with a strategy plan to win the case. On the other hand, if you had been arrested by the authorities, searching for contact numbers of "bail bonds near my location" will help you speed up your temporary release through bail.  Theft Explained

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Many of us aren’t aware that bail amounts can still be changed even after they have been posted. It is possible to go home and be notified by your bail bond agent that your bail amount has been increased and needs to be settled. Otherwise, you will be sent back to jail.  So, how and why does the bail amount increase? There’s Another More Serious Offense While the bail amount has been set for a misdemeanor charge, for instance, there’s still a possibility that the bail amount could be changed or increased. If the defendant is facing a new and more

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Why Is It Better To Get A Bond Rather Than Pay Your Bail?

When someone is going through a process of pretrial release, it might seem that bail and bond are the same, but they are in two different contexts. When you say bail, you refer to the amount of money set by the court that the defendant needs to pay to get released from jail. In contrast, the bond is posted by a licensed bail bonds agent on behalf of the defendant to secure his temporary release.  Bail is different from the fines and penalties that come along with the criminal charge. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will attend

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What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds Payment Plans

Purchasing a bail bond in Colorado can be one of the most cost-effective ways to get yourself or a loved one out of jail. Most of the time, bail bonds in Weld county will only require you to pay 10-15 percent of the bail amount set by the court. Although getting a bail bond is cheaper than paying for the full amount, a lot of people still find it difficult to pay the premium. Luckily, this should not discourage you from seeking help. If you ask, “Where are bail bonds near my location?” you will find that there is often an

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