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4 Reasons Why Using Your Own Money to Post Bail May Not Be the Best idea

If you have a friend or family who is locked up in Boulder County, you definitely will want him or her to get out as soon as possible considering 20% of inmates in jails are estimated to have a serious mental illness. If he or she is allowed to post bail, you may consider using your own money. While using your own money to post bail can be done, it may not be the best idea as there are certain risks involved. Below are the reasons why you should not post bail without a Boulder County bondsman. You will shoulder all

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4 Common Types of Bond to Get You Out of Jail

If you or someone you know gets arrested, you will need to secure a financial guarantee to the court so you can be released. You will need to appear in all court hearings after your release to get that money back. This is what a criminal bond is all about. However, some people don’t have the means to post bail. It is said that more than 30 percent of jail inmates nationwide cannot afford to post bail. If you don’t have the means to post bail, Broomfield County bail bonds can help you secure your release. While you are looking for

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What To Do If You Need to Leave the State or Country While Out on Bail

t is a given fact that if you have an ongoing case, you will be restricted from getting out of the state or country even if you are out on bail. In the State of Colorado, failing to appear for hearings gets you in trouble with the court, reduces your chances of an expedited release, and risks the status of your case altogether. When engaging a Douglas County bail bonds  service, your bail bond agent will let you know what you need to do in situations that require you to leave state, such as for medical treatment. Failing to abide by

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When Does Marijuana Possession Become Illegal?

As of June 2016, Marijuana Laws in Colorado state that both tourists and residents can legally purchase and possess 28 grams of marijuana as long as they are 21 years old and above. All they need is a government-issued identification such as a driver's license or passport. However, just because you’re allowed to possess and consume weed in Colorado, it doesn’t mean that people are free to do anything without being arrested or fined for illegal activities. According to Amendment 64, which legalized Marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, individuals are not permitted to consume marijuana openly in public. This applies

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3 Reasons Why the Court May Revoke Bail

If your loved one or family member has been arrested, they have the right to be released on bail. All persons arrested for most offences except murder and other violent felonies have a right to be bailed out. You should contact a professional bondsman in Greeley to assist you with the bonding process. What usually happens is that the judge sets the amount of bail with considerations for the defendant’s personal circumstances. These include the assurance that the defendant will appear for all scheduled court proceedings, safety of the community, the seriousness of the crime and the defendant’s personal record. After

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What You Need to Know About the Arrest Process

There is a legal procedure that needs to be followed when someone is arrested. If you want to get out of jail as soon as possible, you need to go through a specific series of events that also comply with your constitutional and legal rights. Below is the chronological order of the arrest process. Arrest An arrest happens when a person is taken into police custody and you are no longer free to walk away. You will be told that you are arrested and your rights will be read to you. Booking After you have been taken into police custody, the

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3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait it Out in Jail

With 2,121,600 prisoners in 2019, the United States has the highest prison population in the world, with a rate of 737 for every 100,000 people. If you happen to be the subject of an arrest and you end up in jail, you will have an opportunity to obtain temporary release by posting bail. You may also post bail through a bail bond company which can help to go home while your case is still pending in court. A lot of defendants choose to stay in jail to wait for their day in court. The most common reason for this is they

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Important Bail Bond Facts You Need to Know

As a defendant, indemnitor or co-signer, there are certain things you need to know about bail bonds. While it is true that when a loved one gets arrested, the first thing that comes to mind is to get him/her out of jail as soon as possible. But before knocking on the door of the first bail bond company you see, you should know certain facts about bail. This can help you to be on the same page with the judge, a bail bondsman, and the arresting authorities. The Bail Amount Must Be Fair and Reasonable Pursuant to the Eighth Amendment of

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6 Important Steps to Get Someone Out of Jail through a Bail Bond

It’s 11:00 in the evening. You are about to call it a night after watching your favorite show on Netflix when you receive a call from your brother. He is booked in Adams County jail for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI). As a normal reaction, you rush to the county jail to help your brother, only to realize that you really aren’t sure what to do. The arrest of a loved one can be a challenge for the entire family. It is important for people to know even just the basics of posting bail. It can help to shorten a

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8 Factors that Play a Huge Role in the Denial of Bail

Bail is a constitutional right. However, there are certain factors that trigger instances in which suspects are not allowed to post bail after an arrest. Here are a few probable causes that could cause bail to be denied: Capital Offense This is the biggest reason a judge will deny bail. A capital offense is a serious or heinous crime committed by an individual or a group. It includes rape, various forms of murder, kidnapping, treason, espionage, and death due to aircraft hijacking. These are crimes that require suspects to remain locked up even if their case is still in court. Crimes

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