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The bail process could be an overwhelming task for someone, especially if it's their first time to post bail for a loved one. You might encounter some of the terminologies that can confuse you. To get familiar with these terminologies, here is the list of the ten basic bail bonds in Greeley related terms.   1. PRETRIAL RELEASE It is a legal process wherein incarcerated people can be released from jail before trial by posting bail. However, not all crimes such as murder are subject to a pretrial release.    2.BAIL It is the amount set by the court in exchange for

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Bail Bonds Fact: Is Bail Tax-Deductible in Colorado?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, the bail that you paid to the Courts in Colorado is not a tax. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will be attending all of his court proceedings until the case's closure. Otherwise, the money he used to post the bail bonds in Douglas County Colorado will be forfeited. And you won't like that to happen. What is the Purpose of Bail Money? If a person gets arrested for their law violations, the court may give them a chance to get back to their everyday life while hearing their case in court. This process

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Why Is It Better To Get A Bond Rather Than Pay Your Bail?

When someone is going through a process of pretrial release, it might seem that bail and bond are the same, but they are in two different contexts. When you say bail, you refer to the amount of money set by the court that the defendant needs to pay to get released from jail. In contrast, the bond is posted by a licensed bail bonds agent on behalf of the defendant to secure his temporary release.  Bail is different from the fines and penalties that come along with the criminal charge. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will attend

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Can You Leave the State While on Bail?

If you had been arrested and the Court granted you bail, the first thing you will most likely do is search for a "bail bond agency near me" to be released immediately. As soon as you are released on a bail bond, you will have to adhere to several conditions. Failure to follow the conditions set for your bail bond can cause it to be revoked, and you will be escorted back to jail. Not moving to a new address or leaving the state is one of the common restrictions if you're out on bail. This is one of the obligations

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Inmate Search Information and Bail Bonds In The Weld County Jail

The Weld County Jail is one of several jails in Colorado with 713 beds that serves as a detention facility for incarcerated people awaiting trial for their misdemeanor or felony charges, as well as convicts who are serving their sentences. It is located in Greeley, Colorado, which is 32 miles southeast of Fort Collins in northern Colorado. Inmate Search Information in the Weld County Jail  A Daily Arrests Report is a list administered by the Greeley Sheriff’s Office to inform the public of all the names of detainees that have been taken into custody at the Weld County Jail. The database stores all

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George Floyd Mass Protests Sweep Across the United States

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one incident eclipsed the Coronavirus crisis. It all started with the plea “I can’t breathe”. After these final words of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died of asphyxiation while a Minneapolis officer kneeled on his neck, thousands of Americans flooded the streets across the country to protest his death. All over the US in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Miami, New Work City and Chicago, people stormed to protest the deaths of numerous innocent and unarmed black men and women who died at the hands of the police. Grief and anger over George Floyd’s

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Who to Call First: The Lawyer or The Bail Bondsman?

There are important decisions you need to make if you ever get arrested for a crime. If it happens, you need to decide who you should call for assistance. Assuming that you have already called your family members or friends, the next people you need to call is either a lawyer or a bail bondsman to seek legal assistance. Most Americans probably can’t afford a top-notch lawyer, but whether or not you can afford to hire both a bondsman and a lawyer, the important decision you need to make as soon as possible is who to call first. This is why

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What To Do If Your Teenager Is Arrested in Colorado

As a loving parent, you do not want your child to get into trouble, especially if they are only a juvenile. However, it is not a rare incident for youth to be arrested for committing a delinquent or criminal act. According to, an estimated 2.1 million youth below 18 years old are arrested in the United States during a single year. Not all juvenile arrests are pursuant to severe crimes. Some common offenses are shoplifting, simple assault, underage drinking, joyriding, vandalism, graffiti charges, and many others. It is essential to know that the time subsequent to your child being arrested is crucial.

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Common Bail Conditions and What Happens If You Violate Them

If someone you know is arrested for a crime, working with a reliable Boulder County bondsman is essential to secure their release immediately. This way, they will have an opportunity to prepare their case and still maintain their family and work obligations. If the bail bonds in Boulder Colorado has been secured, the accused will be subject to specific conditions set by the court to remain out of jail. If these conditions are violated, the accused will be re-arrested, the bail money will be forfeited, and even face the possibility of new charges. Colorado is one of the eight U.S states

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3 Bail Bond Scams in Colorado and How to Avoid Them

When someone is in jail, whether it is one of your family or a friend, worry is most likely your first reaction which may then turn into panic. You will want to act immediately to get this person out of jail. For someone in your crucial situation, getting tricked and scammed is very common. There are a lot of con men out there who will feed off your vulnerability. The first thing most people do to get their loved ones out of jail is to contact a bail bonds Greeley CO agency. Unfortunately, bail bond scams are rampant in Colorado, as

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