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Resisting Arrest Law in Colorado

No one wants to experience being arrested. That’s why it is a normal reaction to resist an arrest, especially if there’s no given basis for the arrest. But before you try to fight while the police officer is arresting you, think again.  Ideally, you can peacefully come with the arresting officer to avoid any legal implications against you. Then call a professional defense attorney and bail bonds Broomfield to have the best legal action. In Colorado, resisting an arrest of a police officer violates the law. Here’s are the things you have to know about this

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Domestic Violence Under Colorado Law

According to the Colorado law C.R.S 18-6-800.3(1), domestic violence is "an act of violence or threatening violence to a person to whom the victim is intimately involved and has been involved intimately in the past." Intimate relationships do not only apply to people living together or to married people. It could also refer to former spouses, spouses, children, domestic partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, and roommates.  Domestic violence contains physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. It can also pertain to any other crime against a person or their property, such as a pet, used to control, coerce, intimidate,

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Constitutional Rights of the Accused

A person facing a criminal charge must be fully aware of the Constitutional rights he has throughout the legal process. The right to remain silent and the right to contact bail bonds in Colorado are not just the only rights the defendant can experience. There are other handfuls of rights that will protect you as a citizen of the United States of America.  Miranda Rights Explained The moment a person got arrested, the arresting officer must clearly state the Miranda rights. Its primary purpose is to protect the person from self-incriminating statements that could be used against

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All You Need to Know About Skipping Bail in Colorado

A person who has been arrested and charged for a crime must face a court trial. And according to the U.S Constitution, every defendant has the right to bail, and "excessive bail shall not be required." However, being out on bail doesn't mean total freedom. The defendant needs to follow certain bail conditions set by the judge. One primary requirement is the mandatory appearance of the defendant in all court proceedings. Being unable to appear in court has serious legal consequences.  Skipping Bail Explained A defendant released on bail must follow all bail conditions and other

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How to Post Bail in the Douglas County Jail

It's recommended to call the jail or the court directly after the defendant has been booked in the Douglas County Jail. Ask the jail or the court representative for this information: - Is the defendant eligible for bail or not? - How much is the bail amount? - Where can I make a payment? - Are there any time or day restrictions when posting bail? - What are the accepted payment types? - Can I use a bail bond agent? Posting a bail You can post bail at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office 24 hours a

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Important Questions You Need to Ask to a Bail Bond Company

When it comes to choosing which bail bond company to go with, you will have to decide based on your good judgment. If you are looking for Arapahoe bail bonds, there are few things you should ask to each bail bonds in Arapahoe County company to know if they are the right one for your needs. Moreover, this is to make sure you don’t get scammed considering there are all sorts of fraud activities surrounding bail bonds. Here are 5 questions to ask a potential bail bond company. 1. How much do you charge for bail bonds? A reputable bail

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Many of us aren’t aware that bail amounts can still be changed even after they have been posted. It is possible to go home and be notified by your bail bond agent that your bail amount has been increased and needs to be settled. Otherwise, you will be sent back to jail.  So, how and why does the bail amount increase? There’s Another More Serious Offense While the bail amount has been set for a misdemeanor charge, for instance, there’s still a possibility that the bail amount could be changed or increased. If the defendant is facing a new and more

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The short answer is Yes. It would be best if you keep your job while out on bail and using a  bail bonds near me because of several reasons. The need to report to work is also one of the compelling reasons why someone wants to bail out from prison. Holding a job makes a person tied up in the community, making him not a flight risk which is one of the factors that determines if the judge will allow the defendant to be released on bail. Also, the defendant will have a high chance to win the case if he has

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Failure to appear in court is a mortal sin when you get released through bail bonds in Greeley since you are expected to attend all court proceedings. It is one of the bail conditions that you agreed upon when bailing out. Failure to appear in court is a serious breach of release conditions and is enough reason to be sent back to jail. Among other bail conditions, the defendant must avoid making even small mistakes to ensure that he won’t be sent back to prison again. Showing up late in the court hearing Most of the judges observe punctuality inside the courtroom. They

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Most States allow bounty hunting services, including the State of Colorado. States which don't approve bounty hunters are Florida, North and South Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon.  This article will tell you how bounty hunting works in the State of Colorado, the bounty hunters' primary responsibilities and limitations, and why bail bond agents in Colorado hire their services. Bounty hunters are also known as "bail recovery agents" since they are usually hired by the bail bondsman who wants to locate a client who is avoiding and hiding from persecution. Most states have only a few requirements and regulations set by the government for

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