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Can You Post Bail for Possession of Controlled Substances in Greeley Colorado?

The term controlled substance refers to a drug or chemical, the possession, manufacture, or use of which is regulated by the U.S. government. This includes narcotics, other illegal drugs, prescription medications, fake drugs and drug alternatives like Spice and Bath Salts. Pursuant to Section 18-18-403.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.), it is illegal to knowingly and unlawfully possess controlled substances in the state. The substances that fall under this statute include but are not limited to: Cocaine Ecstasy (a/k/a MDMA or Molly) GHB Heroin Ketamine Methamphetamine, PCP (a/k/a Angel Dust) Recreational and prescription medicines If you or someone you know

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Conditions to Follow While Out On Bail

So you posted bail and got out of jail. What happens next before trial? In line with Federal Criminal Law, a judge can release an accused person on bail as long as they strictly follow the conditions set for release and meet these specific requirements. First and foremost, the most important bail condition is that the defendant must appear at all court hearings. Failure to appear may result in arrest and your bond will be forfeited. This is when a bail bonds service comes in handy because your bail bonding agent will guarantee your appearance and make sure you are present

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The Purpose of Bail and How Bail Amount is Set

If someone you love is arrested, you’d certainly find ways to help them avoid staying behind bars for as long as possible. Fortunately we have a bail system that can help to keep suspects temporarily free while the case is still being heard in court. What is the Purpose of Bail? As you may already know, bail is an amount of money a suspect or a member of their family gives to the court in order to secure temporary freedom while the case is still being heard in court. The bail serves as a guarantee that secures the defendant’s appearance in

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Common Types Of Bail Collateral

In trouble with the law and eligible for bail? Here are the next steps that you should take to post bail, get out of jail ASAP and get back to your job and life while waiting for your court hearing. First, figure out if you can pay for the full amount of bail outright. If you can’t then try to find ways to come up with the money as soon as possible. If that doesn’t work out, find something you can use as collateral. Lastly, to make your life easier and contact a firm specializing in bail bonds in Greeley Colorado

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Factors That Can Help Lower Your Bail Amount

Posting bail for a family or loved one who has been arrested allows them to to be released from jail and go home before their sentence hearing on the condition that they will be present for all other court dates. If the amount of bail is too high then you can take advantage of the services of a bondsman in Greeley to pay the full amount. Depending on the nature of the offence, each crime has a standard bail amount, but a judge has the right to increase or decrease the amount based on the defendants current situation and other circumstances

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How to Qualify as a Co-Signer for a Bail Bond

If someone you love is in police custody, you may find yourself in need of a bail bond. While judges are required to set the bail amount to something that isn’t oppressive, it can still be expensive. The majority of bail bonds in Brighton protect the money being put up for bail by requiring a co-signer for any posted bond. So, once you find a bail bondsman in Brighton, how do you qualify as a co-signer? We’ll tell you what items you need in order to help your loved one post bail. If you’re in a hurry and ready to hire

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Finding the Right Bail Bondsman in Your Time of Need

You never know when you’ll need a bail bondsman. Life events can come out of nowhere and change everything. Before you know it, you’re in front of a frowning man in a billowing black robe, and with a flick of his wrist, your life changes drastically. Even small crimes can have large bail amounts attached to them. Not all of us are equipped to handle that large amount of cash on a daily basis. So who do you turn to? Who’s looking out for you? Most people know how to find some kind of bail bond agent, but how do you

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

If you’ve been arrested for the first time, understanding the bail process can be confusing, even with the help of a Brighton bail bond agent. There are many types of bonds and each has strict rules when it comes to the law. Any violation of these rules and you risk losing the amount of your bail and your freedom. Here is, a by no means exhaustive, list of four mistakes you should avoid when posting bond. Lying to the Bail Agency or the Court When you’ve been arrested, you’re already facing your share of trouble. Don’t compound it and damage any

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Things to Expect at a Bail Hearing

No one is ever really prepared for an arrest. If you ever find yourself thrown into that situation, it’s best that you come equipped with basic knowledge of the purpose of a hearing, the steps to be taken, as well as what to expect. This will help make your experience less stressful and help you focus on making bail so you can get out of jail as soon as possible. What is a bail hearing? When someone is charged with a criminal offense, a short trial called a bail hearing is held to determine whether or not to release the arrested

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4 Tips to Avoid Bail Bond Scams and Fraud

Getting a bail bond is considered by many to be the fastest solution to to get someone out of jail. When an arrest is made and a defendant is placed under police custody, concerned family and friends would do anything to make sure that their loved one gets out fast. However, when people are desperate, they often become more susceptible to fraud. Families and friends of people who have been arrested are no exception and sometimes become victims of bail bond fraud. Falling under Grandparent Scam, bail fraud happens when con artists pose as family members in distress. They get in

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