Why Is It Better To Get A Bond Rather Than Pay Your Bail?

When someone is going through a process of pretrial release, it might seem that bail and bond are the same, but they are in two different contexts. When you say bail, you refer to the amount of money set by the court that the defendant needs to pay to get released from jail. In contrast, the bond is posted by a licensed bail bonds agent on behalf of the defendant to secure his temporary release. 

Bail is different from the fines and penalties that come along with the criminal charge. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will attend his court proceedings and abide by the judge’s bail conditions. Aside from the court’s bail conditions, the defendant needs to agree with the terms and conditions of the bail bonds near me agencies when they’ve posted bond.

Why is Bail So Expensive?

The judge usually determines the granting of bail based on numerous reasons using a risk assessment tool. But the common factors are the defendant’s prior criminal record, level of flight risk, and the potential threat of the defendant in the community.

Among the factors of setting bail include;  the court is also inclined to select an expensive bail amount in exchange for the defendant’s temporary release; it serves as a motivation to the defendant’s party to adhere to all bail conditions; and otherwise, the money they have paid for the bail will be forfeited.

An expensive amount is one reason why many people opt to acquire a bail bonds agency through the help of a professional bail bondsman. Currently, it is convenient to hire a licensed agent. All you have to do is to look for the bail bonds near my location online. 

Reasons to Post A Bond Through a Bail Bondsman

It is better to post bail using a bail bond most of the time rather than paying the full bail amount all by yourself. In comparison, you will be paying up to 15% of the bail amount as a service fee to the bail bonds agent. While posting a cash bail needs you to pay 100% of the bail amount. 

Here are other compelling reasons why obtaining a bail bond is better than paying it in cash.

  • It could make your bail more affordable. Although the bail amount won’t change whether you post bail using a bail bond or cash bail, the money you will be spending is significantly lower when you post a bail bond. It is because the bail bond agent will only be asking a premium or service charge for them to process your temporary release. Just keep in mind that this service fee is not refundable even after the conclusion of the case.
  • It will reduce your jail time. Even if you have enough money in your bank account, it will be difficult for you to mobilize your assets, especially if you have been arrested on weekends, holidays, or in the middle of the night. And If you don’t have available cash, it will be harder for you to gather the amount you need, leaving you in a situation where you need to spend time in jail while waiting. On the other hand, the bail bonds agency has established a process wherein they can expedite your temporary release in a short period of time. Also, there are many bail bonds agencies that operate 24/7 to attend to your bail bond posting needs. 
  • You can have more payment options. Most bail bonds agencies offer financing options such as installment plans, credit cards, and collateral. They are often very flexible based on your financial status. This option is not usually available in the court when posting your bail.
  • You can use your savings for other expenses. Being in a legal trial is an exhausting situation both mentally and financially. On top of your costs, you need to have money to attend all court hearings, pay for court fees, lawyer’s fees, and other legal payments that you need to settle during the hearing of your criminal case. Since the bail amount is intentionally expensive, paying it in full will drain your bank accounts. Therefore, it is more practical to secure a pre-trial release using a bail bonds agency.
  • You can have the option not to use your property as collateral. In general, the bail acts as collateral so that if the accused person escaped from the court and authorities, the court could use up the money to pay all the legal fees connected to the defendant’s criminal case. The defendant is usually given an option to pay the bail amount in cash or use property, knowing that these collaterals can be returned once the case concludes. And if the defendant has no available money, he will be more likely to use one of his properties to post bail. But with the bail bonds agent, you won’t be needing to use your  property as collateral. A portion of the total bail amount is usually affordable and can usually be accessed by most of the defendants. 
  • The occurrence of bail forfeiture is more likely. Whether you are posting the bail through cash, property, or bail bond, the posted bail is subject to forfeiture. This result could happen if the defendant fails to adhere to the bail conditions set by the court. Sometimes, the judge can declare you as absent just by being late for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you hire a bail bond agent, he can assist you in all your court proceedings help to reduce the risk of your money being forfeited. 
  • You can have access to a public defender. If the defendant posted cash bail, the court sees you being capable of hiring your attorney. In effect, the judge won’t give you any access to the State’s public defender. You can avoid this by posting your bail through a bail bonds agent. You will then be allowed to have a public defender working with you on your  case. 

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