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George Floyd Mass Protests Sweep Across the United States

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one incident eclipsed the Coronavirus crisis. It all started with the plea “I can’t breathe”. After these final words of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died of asphyxiation while a Minneapolis officer kneeled on his neck, thousands of Americans flooded the streets across the country to protest his death. All over the US in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Miami, New Work City and Chicago, people stormed to protest the deaths of numerous innocent and unarmed black men and women who died at the hands of the police. Grief and anger over George Floyd’s

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Who to Call First: The Lawyer or The Bail Bondsman?

There are important decisions you need to make if you ever get arrested for a crime. If it happens, you need to decide who you should call for assistance. Assuming that you have already called your family members or friends, the next people you need to call is either a lawyer or a bail bondsman to seek legal assistance. Most Americans probably can’t afford a top-notch lawyer, but whether or not you can afford to hire both a bondsman and a lawyer, the important decision you need to make as soon as possible is who to call first. This is why

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What To Do If Your Teenager Is Arrested in Colorado

As a loving parent, you do not want your child to get into trouble, especially if they are only a juvenile. However, it is not a rare incident for youth to be arrested for committing a delinquent or criminal act. According to, an estimated 2.1 million youth below 18 years old are arrested in the United States during a single year. Not all juvenile arrests are pursuant to severe crimes. Some common offenses are shoplifting, simple assault, underage drinking, joyriding, vandalism, graffiti charges, and many others. It is essential to know that the time subsequent to your child being arrested is crucial.

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Common Bail Conditions and What Happens If You Violate Them

If someone you know is arrested for a crime, working with a reliable Boulder County bondsman is essential to secure their release immediately. This way, they will have an opportunity to prepare their case and still maintain their family and work obligations. If the bail bonds in Boulder Colorado has been secured, the accused will be subject to specific conditions set by the court to remain out of jail. If these conditions are violated, the accused will be re-arrested, the bail money will be forfeited, and even face the possibility of new charges. Colorado is one of the eight U.S states

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3 Bail Bond Scams in Colorado and How to Avoid Them

When someone is in jail, whether it is one of your family or a friend, worry is most likely your first reaction which may then turn into panic. You will want to act immediately to get this person out of jail. For someone in your crucial situation, getting tricked and scammed is very common. There are a lot of con men out there who will feed off your vulnerability. The first thing most people do to get their loved ones out of jail is to contact a bail bonds Greeley CO agency. Unfortunately, bail bond scams are rampant in Colorado, as

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What Are No Down Payment Bail Bonds?

Most people are unaware of how bail bonds work until they or someone they know gets arrested. This is why the services of a bail bondsman are essential. Not only can they help you in securing bail bonds Greeley for your immediate release, but they can also help you understand your bail bond options. One of the options offered today is No Money Down Bail Bonds or also known as No Down Payment Bail Bonds. In most cases, if you get bail bonds Greeley, CO, you are expected to pay a premium, which is usually 10% of the total bail amount.

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Bail vs. Bond: What are the Differences?

When it comes to discussing a defendant's release from jail, the words 'bail' and 'bond' are often used synonymously. While the meaning of these words is closely related to each other, there is a subtle difference between the two. Both terms result in a temporary release from custody, but the difference lies in the source of the money that will ultimately secure the release of the defendant. Let's define the words bail and bond to understand their differences better. What is bail? Bail is the security given by a defendant to be temporarily released from jail while their case is pending.

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Can Spreading Coronavirus Get You Jailed in Colorado?

COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has been spreading across the world at an alarming speed. It has put the world at a standstill as it has already caused a major blow to the healthcare system, economy, and other sectors of every country. We are also seeing some changes in law enforcement in this trying time. A mandatory stay-at-home order for all residents of the State of Colorado had been issued to prevent the further spreading of the virus. But despite the seriousness of the order, many are still not complying. Some people who have also contracted the

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How Courts Across Colorado Are Adjusting Amid the Coronavirus

The continuous surge of coronavirus cases in the United States is affecting every aspect of life, including all levels of the government. In Colorado, some businesses and agencies have shut down but a number of courthouses will have to remain open. Adjustments and emergency plans are being implemented in those courts across the state in response to COVID-19. Colorado’s Supreme Court announced the suspension of court operations such as jury calls in state courts until May, except for jury calls that have speedy trial deadlines. And in an unprecedented move, the state's legislative session has been halted temporarily due to coronavirus

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Colorado Criminal Law: Application and Exception of Double Jeopardy

Imagine this scenario in Colorado: after your pre-trial release from securing bail bonds and facing the criminal charges, you have been acquitted from the case. However, the complainant isn't content with the verdict and wants to file a criminal lawsuit with the same crime against you in Arapahoe Court. The Double Jeopardy rule protects you from such occurrences. The Double Jeopardy Clause, which stems from from The Fifth Amendment to the U.S Constitution, pertains to the right of the accused person not to face trial twice for the same crime in the same jurisdiction. Double jeopardy protects an accused person from these

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