Many of us aren’t aware that bail amounts can still be changed even after they have been posted. It is possible to go home and be notified by your bail bond agent that your bail amount has been increased and needs to be settled. Otherwise, you will be sent back to jail. 

So, how and why does the bail amount increase?

There’s Another More Serious Offense

While the bail amount has been set for a misdemeanor charge, for instance, there’s still a possibility that the bail amount could be changed or increased. If the defendant is facing a new and more serious criminal offense than the original one, the judge will increase the bail amount. 

If the Victim’s Injuries Got Worsen

The judge may set a higher bail amount if the victim’s injuries related to the crime got worse or even caused a life-threatening situation for the victim.

Threat to The Public’s Safety

The judge may set a higher bail amount if he/she sees that the defendant is a threat to himself, to others, or to the public. Also, bail increases are possible if the defendant doesn’t honor bail conditions or even worse, the judge may deny bail altogether. 

Prior Criminal Record

Once the judge reviewed the case and the criminal history of the defendant, the Court may recall the defendant for a bail arraignment. If the defendant turns out to be on parole or probation, the judge may increase or revoke the bail.


For common misdemeanor crimes, there is a standard bail amount chart that most of the jails follow. The defendant does not have to wait for the scheduled bail arraignment before he/she can post bail. In this way, he/she can get out of prison right away. 

But for a more serious crime, the bail arraignment must be attended. During bail arraignment, the judge will decide how much is the appropriate bail amount or may revoke the bail altogether. There are different key factors to determine the bail amount; 

–         Seriousness of the alleged offense or crime

–         Past criminal records

–         Ties to the community of the defendant

–         The probability of the defendant’s court appearances

–         Risk to the public safety

–         Potential flight risk


If you get out of jail through bail, you need to follow certain bail conditions. And in the case where you breach your bail conditions, you may be sent back to prison, and the money you used to post bail will be forfeited. Additionally, you will not be given bail again.


Bail amounts are intentionally high to ensure adherence of the defendant to the bail conditions. However, most of the defendant’s family can’t afford to post the whole bail amount. But with bail bonds near my location, you only have to pay for ten to fifteen percent of the bail amount as a service fee. 

That’s why a bail bond agent near you is common when someone wants to get back their freedom while awaiting trial. If you want to know more about bail bonds near your location, you can contact Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds at 303-659-2245.

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