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4 Crimes to Refrain to Avoid Spending Christmas in Jail

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and celebrating it alone behind the bars is lonely and can make someone feel miserable. When a friend or loved one has been accused of a crime, it might be a hassle for the whole family and can cause a lot of stress. But did you know that there is a bail bond company near me that is open 24 hours and even during holidays?  To avoid spending time in jail during the holiday break, there are a few things that need to be avoided. But in

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How Hard Is It To Be a Fugitive?

A fugitive from justice is anyone with an outstanding arrest warrant under state or federal law. When we speak of a fugitive, it is a person who fled from the State where the prosecution would take place in order to avoid prosecution for a felony or a misdemeanor, evade the law, or avoid punishment. Before things get worse, if you know of a family or friend who needs assistance, check out bail bonds near me. It is like the saying,  an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Checking a bail bond company

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How Teacher-Student love affair is viewed in Colorado State

It is not new to hear news about teacher-student scandals. In almost all states, there have been one or more cases filed against teachers assaulting their minor students. Some teachers may claim that they are in love and have a relationship/affair with their students. However, it is a forbidden act for teachers to fall in love or have sexual relations with their students. It is considered an unthinkable act and students are protected by laws against abuse. Normally, sexual abuse against students against minors (18 years old and below) falls under the Colorado Sexual Assault Laws

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All You Need to Know About Skipping Bail in Colorado

A person who has been arrested and charged for a crime must face a court trial. And according to the U.S Constitution, every defendant has the right to bail, and "excessive bail shall not be required." However, being out on bail doesn't mean total freedom. The defendant needs to follow certain bail conditions set by the judge. One primary requirement is the mandatory appearance of the defendant in all court proceedings. Being unable to appear in court has serious legal consequences.  Skipping Bail Explained A defendant released on bail must follow all bail conditions and other

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The short answer is Yes. It would be best if you keep your job while out on bail and using a  bail bonds near me because of several reasons. The need to report to work is also one of the compelling reasons why someone wants to bail out from prison. Holding a job makes a person tied up in the community, making him not a flight risk which is one of the factors that determines if the judge will allow the defendant to be released on bail. Also, the defendant will have a high chance to win the case if he has

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Why Is It Better To Get A Bond Rather Than Pay Your Bail?

When someone is going through a process of pretrial release, it might seem that bail and bond are the same, but they are in two different contexts. When you say bail, you refer to the amount of money set by the court that the defendant needs to pay to get released from jail. In contrast, the bond is posted by a licensed bail bonds agent on behalf of the defendant to secure his temporary release.  Bail is different from the fines and penalties that come along with the criminal charge. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will attend

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