How Teacher-Student love affair is viewed in Colorado State

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It is not new to hear news about teacher-student scandals. In almost all states, there have been one or more cases filed against teachers assaulting their minor students. Some teachers may claim that they are in love and have a relationship/affair with their students.

However, it is a forbidden act for teachers to fall in love or have sexual relations with their students. It is considered an unthinkable act and students are protected by laws against abuse. Normally, sexual abuse against students against minors (18 years old and below) falls under the Colorado Sexual Assault Laws and is heavily penalized. Over the years, there have been reported cases of sexual abuse of teachers to their minor students which have been dubbed as “Notorious teacher sex scandals”.

In 2007, Tommy Clay, a 17-year-old high school student had been a victim of sexual assault by his teacher Carrie McCandless during an overnight school camping trip in Estes Park YMCA camp. McCandless has pleaded guilty to the act and as per the statement of both parties in the court proceedings, they reportedly had an affair that started in summer school. This has been a serious case and has been subject to a lengthy court hearing. If you know anyone who is facing the same situation as this, check out bail bonds near me.

Another scandalous case happened in 2012 wherein a Denver-area high school teacher Lauren Redfern had been caught having sex with a 17-year-old student in the teacher’s bathroom. For these cases, as these students have been minors, they are considered punishable by law. But what if a student has already turned 18 and has been sexually assaulted by a teacher?

Under the current law in Colorado, a secondary school teacher that has sexual contact with a student who is 18 years old or older may not have committed a crime. However, this law has been viewed as wrong and unjust when an 18-year-old teen in Colorado Springs in her senior year reported sexual contact by her teacher and police could not do anything to the perpetrator. In this case, a new bill has been introduced by Colorado lawmakers putting a strict ruling on sexual contact between teachers and students wherein any student enrolled in high school regardless of their age like over 18 is still subject to protection against sexual assault by a teacher. 

In this case, the teacher who committed a sexual assault on a student is subject to a Class 3 felony which is usually punishable with 4 to 12 years imprisonment and fines ranging from $3,000 to $750, 000. If you are accused of this crime, I think you should find a bail bond company near me for this one since this could be a lengthy case.

As teachers are viewed as second parents, they should not share any amorous feelings towards their students and should be the first ones to protect them from any forms of assault. Students should also be vigilant and report any sexual acts committed by their teachers so that they are properly punished according to the law. Checking a bail bond company near me is a really great help in terms of knowing the bail process if the situation escalates.

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