Crimes that Happened during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday dating back to 1621 and was celebrated on and off for the next two centuries until President Abraham Lincoln was tired of receiving letters demanding an annual national holiday. From then, thanksgiving is usually depicted as a warm, happy celebration and the standard image is a smiling family gathered around a lavish meal of turkey with all the trimmings. 

During holidays like Thanksgiving, certain crimes like robbery go up probably because most people are walking around with more cash than usual, or carting expensive purchases out in the open. Whether it’s the stress of being cooped up with family, financial concerns, or the effect of the turkey, Thanksgiving is when a lot of people snap and decide to commit some really spectacularly violent crimes. 

A Fifteen-Year-Old Boy Was Arrested For Shoplifting Thanksgiving Dinner

The boy in Texas was arrested and was charged with a ClassB Misdemeanor who attempted to smuggle “your Thanksgiving dinner in a grocery cart” out of the store by disguising the high-priced turkeys, sides, and sodas with cheaper items like toilet paper. Shoplifting is wrong no matter what the stolen items are. 

Wine Theft went wrong

During Thanksgiving in 2013, a wine heist swiped nearly $650,000 worth of privately owned wine from locker storage which appeared at first to be a carefully orchestrated job straight out of a movie. But within days, police tracked down the alleged thieves.

Thanksgiving car thief finds a baby in the back seat

Thanksgiving 2014 when a 19-year-old boy got more than he asked for when he discovered, upon robbing an SUV in a New Orleans gas station that there was an infant in the car. He wisely abandoned the SUV after driving 15 minutes away but he was charged anyway with kidnapping and theft.

Killing the family turkey for Thanksgiving

Two boys from Florida actually stole a live turkey, which was a family pet, along with 50 different animals, from that family’s farm. The boys both stole the live turkey and took a bow and arrow to slaughter it and eat it for their Thanksgiving dinner. They were interrupted in their plans when the police apprehended and arrested them before they were able to butcher it.

A woman threatens someone with a hatchet over a trivial pursuit game

A board game got too real and a woman drew a hatchet on her opponent over a disagreement during the game on Thanksgiving. State troopers came to the house, seeing the hatchet and finding it was in actually drug paraphernalia. 

Such crimes mentioned are just some of the many crimes committed on any day including Thanksgiving day. We hope none of these crimes happen to you this holiday. If on the other hand, you want to spend the holiday with your loved one who is in jail, you can contact Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds to help you out. We are open 24 hours and we like to help you be with your family to celebrate this special holiday. Happy Thanksgiving and always be cautious of the crimes around.

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