Bail Bonds for Gun Offense in Boulder County

Just recently, the man who live-streamed the March 2021 King Soopers shooting and subsequent police response in Boulder County was acquitted of obstruction following a trial. The defendant was found not guilty of one misdemeanor count of obstructing a peace officer. In Colorado, an average of 850 people die and 466 are wounded by guns per year making the state’s 39th highest rate of gun violence in the US.

With much gun violence in the US, Boulder County in Colorado passed preventive measures to lessen this type of crime. It includes banning assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and trigger activators such as bump stocks; raising the age limit for purchasing firearms from 18 to 21 and/or updating language to demonstrate this intent because evidence shows that individuals in the 18 to 21 age range are at a higher risk of committing violence and many more.

If you or someone you love needs to post bail for a weapons charge in Boulder County, reach out to a Boulder county bondsman

Changes to Bond Hearings in Boulder County

When a person is arrested, handcuffed, and put in jail, the first thought would be, how to get out. But the first thing to do is to get bail bonds in Boulder county

In Colorado, a court is required to hold a bond-setting hearing within 48 hours after an arrestee’s arrival at a jail or holding center but under the current law, a person is allowed to post bond within 2 hours after the sheriff receives the bond information. A bond may be paid at a minimum by cash, money order, or cashier’s check and a judge, judicial officer, or bond hearing officer shall not require a monetary bond be paid in the defendant’s name. After a bond has been paid, the defendant and surety, if any, receive a copy of the bond paperwork, a notice of rights related to bonding, and information regarding the defendant’s net court date.

In addition, the new law also requires bond hearings to take place on weekends and holidays and it also allows those hearings to be remote via teleconferencing. Good thing, bail bonds boulder county are available 24/7.

Attend all essential court appearances

When your loved one is released from prison, they will very certainly have to go back to court to get their final sentence. The bail you paid to keep them out of jail will be lost if they don’t show up in court. If your loved one fails to appear in court for whatever reason, contact your bail bondsman right once to get the bond reissued.

If your loved one fails to appear in court on a set day, the process will be unnecessarily protracted. The easiest way to keep the process moving ahead is to follow all court rulings.

Getting your loved ones home ASAP

Choosing a trustworthy boulder county bondsman is one of the important decisions to make. At Lucky Lucero Bail Bonds, we proudly serve the entire Front Range area. If you believe that your loved one has been arrested and is being held at the Boulder County Jail, you can reach out to verify their detention and enquire about bond details. As this is our forte, you can leave all the necessary bonding paperwork to process the release of your loved one. 

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