What are My Rights in Greeley, CO after being Arrested

When we hear the word “arrest” most of the time, it connotes a negative vibe. But we should know that arrests trigger legal after-effects that include detailed and specific police responsibilities. A suspect doesn’t need to be cuffed or physically restrained to be under arrest and not all detentions by the police amount to an arrest. Police may detain an individual in order to issue a citation for minor traffic infractions or for some criminal misdemeanors. Once the citation is signed by the suspect, it amounts to an agreement to appear in court at a later date in lieu of an arrest. You can contact bail bonds Greeley Co for such an arrangement. The temporary detention is permissible but is not considered an arrest. 

How People Are Arrested

In reality, an arrest occurs when the police have enough evidence to establish probable cause – a reasonable belief that the suspect has committed a crime. There is often more time between the criminal act and the arrest, as the police investigate the details or as evidence is provided. As a general rule, arrests made at a person’s residence require an arrest warrant and also require that the police knock and announce their purpose. But sometimes, these rules don’t need to apply in urgent situations such as when evidence may be destroyed or individuals are in danger. An arrest warrant is a court order issued by a judge, based upon statements made under oath. 

What Happens Once The Arrest is Made?

Every person who is arrested in Greeley, Colorado, and questioned by police must be informed of their legal right which is also known as “Miranda Rights”. Once an individual is arrested, the police may search the person incidental to the arrest because police officers have the right to protect themselves by searching for weapons and to protect the legal case against the suspect by searching for evidence that the suspect might try to destroy. This is also permitted when an officer arrests an individual for a minor offense that results in a citation and not an arrest. In cases where the police officer does not have probable cause to make an arrest, it is possible that a judge may declare that the evidence seized incidental to the arrest is inadmissible at trial.

How Does An Arrested Person Obtain Freedom?

Either the government must dismiss the charges against the individual or, assuming that does not occur, the suspect follows legal procedures that lead to freedom after an arrest. These procedures include releasing the suspect on bail or on the suspect’s own recognizance. 

Contact Bail Bonds Greeley

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