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Do You Have Questions Regarding Bail Bonds?

906, 2022

The Effects of Incarceration on Mental Health

Prison is supposed to be a difficult environment. The atmosphere, regulations and laws, and a lack of personal autonomy can all have an impact on a prisoner's mental health. Elders and those with physical or learning disabilities, and other vulnerable groups are more susceptible to mental illness. In the United States, over two million people are

505, 2022

How are cybercriminals punished under Colorado Law?

The internet age has brought a new and scarier form of criminals who are commonly called cybercriminals. These lawbreakers mostly comprise hackers whose sole purpose is to steal data, identity, or information from unwary victims and illegally use them through unauthorized access to computers, networks, and systems. In Colorado, cybercrimes are known as computer crimes which

1804, 2022

How Do You Know If Someone You Know Has Been Arrested or Imprisoned?

It happens all of the time. Individuals who have been apprehended and imprisoned. It can be for a serious offense, and a person could be sentenced to months or even years in prison. It's only for a night or a few days at a time. Friends and family of someone who

404, 2022

How to Speed Up the Bail Bonds Process: A Lucky Lucero’s Guide

Many people are unfamiliar with the bail bond process. A bail bond is a monetary payment paid to the court in return for someone's release after being arrested and charged with a crime. Bail bonds may be expensive, so individuals need to be able to get out of jail and return

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