10 Ways to protect yourself when renting an Airbnb in Brighton, Co

Spring break is one of the most anticipated times of the year, particularly for college students as it is a chance to decompress from exams and improve physical health mentally. It is also an opportunity for many people to travel and visit family in another State. 

Whether you plan to explore nature through Brighton’s magnificent nature trails, eat good food, explore the city, or simply relax in the cozy atmosphere of this area for spring break, you first need to ensure the safety of yourself and your family during your stay. 

Airbnb has become the alternative for most travelers whereas instead of staying in a cramped hotel, you can stay in nice, cozy homes for a cheaper price. If you are also looking for the feel of a home away from home, renting an Airbnb would definitely give you that vibe. However, unlike hotels where a certain level of service and safety is guaranteed, Airbnb has varied hosts which can be either individuals, partners, or even a company. Thus, you may feel unsure about your host particularly if it’s your first time booking with them. In this case, it is important to make sure that the Airbnb you will be staying with your family is secured.

If you are looking for practical tips on how to secure your Airbnb rental and have the best spring break of your life, keep reading below:

Check the reviews carefully.

It is important to always check, first, the reviews of your chosen Airbnb accommodation before making the final decision of booking it. No matter how good it looks in the pictures, the overall experience should still matter. And what’s more important at the end of the day is your safety in your chosen home. It will also be good to know if the surrounding area is safe and crime-free. Reviews can also tell you if there are incidents of burglary or robbery within the area. Better safe than sorry, right? Check out Brighton bail bonds to see how they can help in case of unfortunate arrests during your stay.

Always look for hidden cameras

The first thing you need to do upon entering your Airbnb is to check for hidden cameras which are often concealed in common things around the room. They can usually be found hidden in plants, tissue boxes, and air filters so check everywhere. Did you know that putting hidden cameras is Voyeurism and is considered a minimum class 1 misdemeanor?  Ask a bondsman in Brighton for possible penalties for this type of crime.

Do check the neighborhood of your Airbnb rental.

As mentioned previously, the neighborhood of your chosen rental is as important as the home itself. Research about the area and crime rate. Are there any break-ins, sexual assaults, or gun violence that happened recently? Danger could strike at any moment, so it is your responsibility to prevent something from happening, particularly if it involves your family. 

Observe how responsive your host is.

You will immediately know how responsive your host is from the moment you first talked to them through the app chat. Observe if they respond to you quickly or if it takes them hours to reply to your messages. This is to ensure that in case of emergency or problems during your stay, the host can properly respond as quickly as possible. Did you know that you can contact a bondsman in Brighton if you are seeking professional help in case of sudden arrests?

Check your government’s travel sites.

Even though you are only traveling within the US, it is essential to check government websites to double-check if the place you’re going to is safe, especially when traveling alone. You can also get important information in case of emergencies.

Bring a first aid kit with you.

We never know what could happen next so it is vital to bring your first aid with you. To give you a list, here are the important things to include in your kit:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face masks
  • Band-aids
  • antiseptic/pain relieving spray
  • Blister plasters
  • Itch relief spray for insect bites
  • Instant cold packs
  • Medications
  • Gauzes and plasters

Scan your passport, driver’s license, and other important legal documents.

We cannot foresee what happens next sp in case of theft or accidents or simply bad luck while traveling, you may find yourself in need of a replacement passport which is much easier when you’ve got some identification to provide. You can print out a hard copy of your passport and driver’s license and keep them separate from your actual access. Upload a digital copy to a secure online location like Dropbox or Google Drive, and share it with a trusted friend or relative.

Send out the dates, locations, and contact information for your travels to friends and family.

Inform your friends or family members of your whereabouts. If your friends and family don’t hear from you when they do, they’ll be able to call or email as needed to make sure you are safe, and if you’re missing, it can help speed up the process of finding you. Sending this information in advance will also significantly ease the minds of your loved ones.

Keep your money in multiple locations.

It is important to never, ever travel with all your money in one location. Stash emergency money and debit and credit cards throughout your bags and on your body in separate pockets.

Lock your doors and secure your belongings.

Probably the most basic thing for you to do is always lock the door of the house or room you’re staying in since you don’t exactly know the people in that neighborhood. It is also good to use a portable lock that you can attach to the metal plate of the existing lock in your room to keep uninvited people in your room. Setting up a door alarm can also help in alerting you to possible break-ins and could possibly scare off unwanted guests. And lastly, always secure your belongings in a safe deposit box, so before booking your rental, ask the host if they have one of those in the room. If your loved one has been charged or arrested for burglary, check out Brighton bail bonds and ask the expert bondsman for help.

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