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What Happens When You Bond Out of Jail on an Out-of-County Warrant

An arrest, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, is always a complicated process. You want to make sure that your situation is properly handled—from the paperwork to the posting of bail to the day of your release. If you’re in Colorado, you can hire a dependable Greeley bondsman to do the work for you. The entire process, however, becomes even more complicated if you were served an out-of-county warrant. There will be some jurisdictional hurdles you will have to overcome, but you can definitely bond out of jail on an out-of-county warrant. In the processing of your release, the licensed bondsman

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3 Reasons Why the Court May Revoke Bail

If your loved one or family member has been arrested, they have the right to be released on bail. All persons arrested for most offences except murder and other violent felonies have a right to be bailed out. You should contact a professional bondsman in Greeley to assist you with the bonding process. What usually happens is that the judge sets the amount of bail with considerations for the defendant’s personal circumstances. These include the assurance that the defendant will appear for all scheduled court proceedings, safety of the community, the seriousness of the crime and the defendant’s personal record. After

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3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait it Out in Jail

With 2,121,600 prisoners in 2019, the United States has the highest prison population in the world, with a rate of 737 for every 100,000 people. If you happen to be the subject of an arrest and you end up in jail, you will have an opportunity to obtain temporary release by posting bail. You may also post bail through a bail bond company which can help to go home while your case is still pending in court. A lot of defendants choose to stay in jail to wait for their day in court. The most common reason for this is they

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Secure the Release of a Loved One with this Step by Step Process for Obtaining a Bail Bond

As most of us already know, a bail bond refers to the money or property a defendant or representative deposits with the court as a guarantee that they will return to court to attend a trial. A bail bond is forfeited in the court’s favor if the defendant flees or fails to return to court to face trial. If a loved one is arrested, the first thing you want to do is get them out of jail as soon as possible. One way to make it happen is to post bail for their temporary release. If it’s your first time to

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The Purpose of Bail and How Bail Amount is Set

If someone you love is arrested, you’d certainly find ways to help them avoid staying behind bars for as long as possible. Fortunately we have a bail system that can help to keep suspects temporarily free while the case is still being heard in court. What is the Purpose of Bail? As you may already know, bail is an amount of money a suspect or a member of their family gives to the court in order to secure temporary freedom while the case is still being heard in court. The bail serves as a guarantee that secures the defendant’s appearance in

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Factors That Can Help Lower Your Bail Amount

Posting bail for a family or loved one who has been arrested allows them to to be released from jail and go home before their sentence hearing on the condition that they will be present for all other court dates. If the amount of bail is too high then you can take advantage of the services of a bondsman in Greeley to pay the full amount. Depending on the nature of the offence, each crime has a standard bail amount, but a judge has the right to increase or decrease the amount based on the defendants current situation and other circumstances

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