3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait it Out in Jail

With 2,121,600 prisoners in 2019, the United States has the highest prison population in the world, with a rate of 737 for every 100,000 people.

If you happen to be the subject of an arrest and you end up in jail, you will have an opportunity to obtain temporary release by posting bail. You may also post bail through a bail bond company which can help to go home while your case is still pending in court.

A lot of defendants choose to stay in jail to wait for their day in court. The most common reason for this is they don’t have the money to pay the bail amount. However, you can actually obtain release without the need to pay the entire bail amount by working with a bondsman in Greeley Colorado.

It is important to get out of jail after an arrest because waiting it out behind bars exposes you to following consequences:

Job Loss

If you get sick, hurt in an accident, or are needed in an emergency, your employer is legally obliged to maintain your employment. But if you are jailed after an arrest, no law can protect you from losing your job, and no employer is willing to wait for you to get out of jail to resume your position.

Psychological Trauma

Being arrested and eventually put behind bars can cause psychological trauma. The fear of being exposed to physical abuse can also be psychologically harmful. Incarceration can also affect you emotionally because of:

  • Lost freedom and isolation from the outdoors
  • Lost privacy and personal space
  • Lost time and access to personal activities
  • Possible presence of mentally disturbed individuals
  • Lost or reduced contact with people you are emotionally attached to
  • Stress

Avoid mental, psychological and emotional trauma brought on by an arrest. You should post bail as soon as possible. A capable bail bondsman in Greeley Colorado can help secure your release!

Physical Injury

Violence is unfortunately a common occurrence in many jails. Avoid putting yourself at risk for physical harm by posting bail and gaining temporary freedom!

If you get arrested, you must avoid staying in jail for your own physical, psychological and emotional protection.

With the help of a trustworthy bail bondsman in Greeley CO, you’ll be able to obtain fast release and get the time you need to establish a solid legal defense.

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