Factors That Can Help Lower Your Bail Amount

Posting bail for a family or loved one who has been arrested allows them to to be released from jail and go home before their sentence hearing on the condition that they will be present for all other court dates. If the amount of bail is too high then you can take advantage of the services of a bondsman in Greeley to pay the full amount.

Depending on the nature of the offence, each crime has a standard bail amount, but a judge has the right to increase or decrease the amount based on the defendants current situation and other circumstances surrounding the case.

Here are a few factors that can influence the amount of bail set:

1. Nature of Crime

If the person has been charged with a serious crime such as murder, the judge will typically not set bail because the court believes that person is too dangerous to be released from custody even temporarily. For less serious offences and misdemeanors, the amount of bail is typically less than it is for more serious crimes.

2. Criminal Record

If someone has a long list of prior crimes then the bail amount will potentially be much higher. One way of erasing previous charges from a person’s criminal record is through expungement, which is a legal process ordered by the court where any prior arrest or conviction will be erased. If you do not have past records then the amount of bail can potentially be decreased.

3. Attendance of Court Dates

If the defendant has had previous encounters with jail and bail, a judge can set the amount based on their court appearances. If they have a habit of always showing up for court in the past then the amount will likely be lower. One way of ensuring that the defendant will never miss a court date is to hire a Greeley bondsman.

4. Risk of Flight

If the court thinks that there is a chance that the person will not return for trial and will likely leave the state or country then the bail amount will likely be high. The family can help assure the judge by hiring a bondsman to keep tabs on the defendant

5. Employment

If you have a stable job that you are likely to return to then there is a chance that the judge will set a lower amount for bail. Stable employment reflects on your personal character and shows that you have the ability to actively participate in society.

6. Ties to Family and Community

A close relationship with one’s family and community gives the judge a good impression of the defendant’s character. It helps to assure the judge that you will attend your court hearings.

Once bail is set and the amount is still too high for the defendant or family then the next step is to employ the services of a bail bondsman in Greeley. Family-owned and operated since 1982, Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds is the right choice when you need a licensed Greeley bondsman. We guarantee that we will be there for you every step of the way to get you or your loved ones out of jail 24/7.

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