Top reasons why a bail agent is your best friend in jail

Facing an arrest can give a lot of headaches. When you work with an Adams county bondsman, lots of concerns like what would happen beyond bars, how to secure your release, and what will happen next will be addressed. Here is the top reason why should enlist the help of a bail bondsman if you get arrested:

  1. They help expedite the release process for an arrestee because bond agents have more experience with the jail system than the average person.  
  2. They retain some form of collateral. Instead of finding resources to pay the bail, a bail bond company will act on your behalf to pay the amount in exchange for collateral to hold the co-signer and defendant accountable.
  3. Bondsmen can be the most understanding people you encounter during an arrest. Regardless of the reason why you landed in jail, an Adams county bondsman has probably heard a crazier story and because of that, they are going to judge you. In addition, they are in the business of helping others and it’s in their best interest and yours for them to help you every court date you’re required to attend. 
  4. A bondsman will make sure you stay out of trouble. When someone misses a court date, the bondsman gets dragged into a battle with the court and the co-signer, which they obviously do not want. A bail bond company likes to stay in touch with those they help by providing reminders of court appearances, reminders of pronation restrictions, and just generally making sure nothing is happening that could lead to re-arrest.
  5. Bondsmen can even put you in touch with resources such as affordable housing and jobs. They will help you survive even after you go out of jail.
  6. A bail bondsman can help understand the system and the whole process. Especially if this is your first arrest, the experience can be frightening and confusing. An experienced bail bondsman can help explain the process and guide you and your family through each step. 

There are also different types of bail bonds depending on the need of the defendant. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  1. A cash Bond – is the simplest type of payment. The accused pays the full bail amount to the courts in cash, sometimes by check or credit card if accepted by the particular county court.
  2. Surety Bond – This is a third-party agent stepping in to pay the bail bond for the accused should they fail to appear in court.
  3. Property Bond – a property is put up in lieu of cash, and the courts may seize the property should the defendant fail to appear in court. 
  4. Immigration Bail bond – it refers to those detained for immigration reasons, which is the main difference between this type of bond and works the same way as the surety bond above. 
  5. Federal Bail Bond – it happens if the defendant has been accused of a federal or interstate crime, a federal bail bond must be posted for release. There is usually a higher fee and extra collateral needed for these types of bail and it includes crimes like fraud, kidnapping, bank robbery, and hate crimes.
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