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Is your Workplace safe? Everything you need to know about the Sexual Harassment Laws in Colorado.

Colorado considers sexual harassment as a civil matter instead of being a crime. The alleged victim of sexual harassment can file a lawsuit for compensation however the harasser does not automatically go to jail, but they must pay money to the victim due to the trauma and damage that has been caused. There are bail bonds in Broomfield that are open anytime in case you know of someone who needs help. There are 2 laws that prohibit sexual harassment in Colorado: CRS 24-34-402 which is the state law or known as Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act 42 USC

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Resisting Arrest Law in Colorado

No one wants to experience being arrested. That’s why it is a normal reaction to resist an arrest, especially if there’s no given basis for the arrest. But before you try to fight while the police officer is arresting you, think again.  Ideally, you can peacefully come with the arresting officer to avoid any legal implications against you. Then call a professional defense attorney and bail bonds Broomfield to have the best legal action. In Colorado, resisting an arrest of a police officer violates the law. Here’s are the things you have to know about this

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Important Bail Bond Facts You Need to Know

As a defendant, indemnitor or co-signer, there are certain things you need to know about bail bonds. While it is true that when a loved one gets arrested, the first thing that comes to mind is to get him/her out of jail as soon as possible. But before knocking on the door of the first bail bond company you see, you should know certain facts about bail. This can help you to be on the same page with the judge, a bail bondsman, and the arresting authorities. The Bail Amount Must Be Fair and Reasonable Pursuant to the Eighth Amendment of

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