Important Bail Bond Facts You Need to Know

As a defendant, indemnitor or co-signer, there are certain things you need to know about bail bonds. While it is true that when a loved one gets arrested, the first thing that comes to mind is to get him/her out of jail as soon as possible. But before knocking on the door of the first bail bond company you see, you should know certain facts about bail. This can help you to be on the same page with the judge, a bail bondsman, and the arresting authorities.

The Bail Amount Must Be Fair and Reasonable

Pursuant to the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted” on criminal defendants either as a compromise for pretrial release or as punishment for a crime after the defendant is convicted

Think Twice before Paying the Bail in Cash

Paying the full amount of bail in cash entangles your money in something that can have a devastating effect on your finances. It is actually the reason why you should work with a trustworthy Broomfield bondsman to release your loved one from jail at a lesser cost.

If you pay the bail amount in cash, you could lose your money if the defendant misses court dates or violate bail conditions resulting in the forfeiture of the bail. Your money will be refunded only if the defendant is present for every court date and complies with the bail conditions. With that said, it is only practical and reasonable to hire a Broomfield bondsman when posting bail. You only need to pay them a certain percentage of the bail amount along with collateral in order to get a bail bond for your loved one.

Bail Doesn’t Always Involve Money

Bail doesn’t always require a defendant to pay money. Perpetrators of smaller crimes like misdemeanors and other petty offenses are often released by a judge based on their own recognizance. This means the judge grants a defendant temporary freedom in exchange for the latter’s verbal promise that they will be present on all of their court dates.

Bounty Hunters are Authorized to Track and Arrest Defendants Who Skip Bail

Bounty hunters are authorized to track and arrest defendants who flee or avoid court hearings while they are out on bail. Bounty hunters can even cross state lines or enter a defendant’s home without a warrant to bring a defendant back to the authorities.

Some Cases Require More than a Defendant’s Presence on All Court Dates

The most common requirement for a bail petition to get approved is for the defendant to show the judge that they will be present for all of their court dates. This is true and applicable to all cases, but there are offenses that require more.

In addition to the multiple court dates, the court may require a defendant to stay within a specific state or city, or enroll in an alcohol or drug education program. Otherwise, the person or persons who are responsible for the bail bond will risk losing their collateral.


Bail collateral is a high-value item a defendant or indemnitor offers the court or bonding company in lieu of or in addition to the bail money or premium he pays to obtain temporary release from jail. This can include a house, car, stocks and bonds, jewelry, real estate, and other pricey assets.

No one expects to receive news that someone they care about is arrested and booked in jail. But since anything can happen especially when you least expect it, some basic education about bail and bail bonds can be of help.

With the help of a reputable bail bondsman in Broomfield you’ll be able to give the defendant temporary freedom and time to establish legal defense.

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