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Computer Crimes: Be careful what you click for

Computer Crime or Cybercrime is the use of a computer as an instrument to further illegal ends, such as committing fraud, trafficking in child pornography, intellectual property, stealing identities, or violating privacy. Cybercrime has grown since the birth of the internet and as computers became important to e-commerce, entertainment, and government. Unless proven in the court, a defendant accused of cybercrime can temporarily avail of bail. He can ask for help from a bail bond company. Since the internet has first developed in the US, most of the first victims of Cybercrime were Americans. Just like

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A Closer look on Negligence as Child Abuse in Colorado

“Children are our most valuable resource.” – Herbert Hoover One of the most serious and complex laws in Colorado which can make you also avail of bail bond service is the Child Abuse Law wherein the failure to protect a child by the person responsible for their care is subject to punishment by law. According to the law, parents (which also includes guardians and caregivers) have a legal duty to prevent any sort of abuse of their children. The duty of care is based on the special relationship between parents and their children. This is justified

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6 Reasons Why Your Bail Can Be Denied

If you or anyone you know is arrested, it is a constitutional right to post a bail. Bail is typically the first priority of the defendant to gain an advantage and have a better position for the preparation of the defense. However, there are times that bail can be denied. Judges can also exercise their right to deny a bail for a variety of reasons. Here are 6 of the common reasons why bail can be denied: #1 - The Severity Of The Crime This could be one of the biggest reasons why the judge will

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5 Interesting Myths about Bail Bonds

Before we proceed with the topic about myths on Bail bonds, let’s begin with its history to shed some light on how it came to be. The year 1215 marks the beginning of the bail bond service in the world when the Magna Carta has been passed in Runnymede, England. In the United States, the 8th Amendment of the Constitution is the basis for its bail system. It can vary from state to state depending on the laws placed for it. (If you are from Colorado, check out bail bonds near my location for the best

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