6 Reasons Why Your Bail Can Be Denied

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If you or anyone you know is arrested, it is a constitutional right to post a bail. Bail is typically the first priority of the defendant to gain an advantage and have a better position for the preparation of the defense. However, there are times that bail can be denied. Judges can also exercise their right to deny a bail for a variety of reasons.

Here are 6 of the common reasons why bail can be denied:

#1 – The Severity Of The Crime

This could be one of the biggest reasons why the judge will deny the bail. Severe crimes like rape, kidnapping, murder, and other similarly harsh crimes can make it almost impossible to post bail especially if supported by strong evidence. 

Other common, non-violent, minor crimes are bailable. A person who commits these can post bail through a reputable bail bond company for a fast and efficient process.

#2 – Threat To The Community

The judge will be responsible for the safety of the general population upon his or her decision on giving someone bail. If the criminal committed a severe violent crime or acts of terror, the judge can definitely consider that he or she is a threat to the community if granted bail. This can also be the same if the defendant displays signs of instability or mental impairment. In such cases, the defendant may be sent to a mental health facility.

#3 – Repeat Offenses

If the defendant committed crimes repeatedly, he or she would less likely be granted bail. Repeated offenses are usually an obvious indicator that the defendant did not learn his or her lesson. Similar to being considered a threat to the community, repeat offenders are considered to be someone who can commit more crimes while they are out due to their history.

#4 – Flight Risk

If the judge believes that the defendant would likely flee and disappear after being released on bail, he or she has the right to deny it. Some factors that can be considered would be the defendant’s history of fleeing the law, being a citizen of another country, or having access to aircrafts that can be used to flee in other countries.

#5 – History Of Missed Court Dates

Granting of bail to the defendant means that he or she is trusted to show up on the agreed court dates. Missed court dates would be an indication that the defendant is not making efforts for his basic responsibility and it also makes him or her at risk of fleeing. If the defendant has a history of missing out on his or her trials, the judge will be less likely to grant bail. 

Availability of bail bond service can serve as a strong assurance that the defendant will attend the court trials which can help with the judge’s decision of granting bail.

#6 – Being Disrespectful To The Judge

If the defendant is not showing respect to the one responsible for granting and denying bail, then the bail can be denied right off the bat. The defendant should convince the judge that he or she can be trusted through good behavior and personality.

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