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Surety Bond Vs. Cash Bond: What’s Better for You?

If you get arrested and need a bail bond, you have two options: a cash bond or a surety bond. What's the difference?  The biggest difference between the two is that a cash bond transaction involves two parties while a surety bond transaction involves three parties. With a cash bond, the defendant will pay the entire bail amount in cash to the jail or court. When he or she shows up for his court hearing, he or she gets the money back, less any fees and charges charged by the court. On the other hand, when

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Advantages of Availing Bail Bond Services

What will you do if someone you care about, like a family member or a close friend, gets arrested? You can handle the bail situation by yourself, and you can also opt to avail bail bond services from a reputable bonding company or agent. A bail bond agent is not necessary to post a bail, but they are here to make your life easier during this difficult situation. Accessibility If the arrest happened late at night or at any other inconvenient time, 24 hour bail bond companies can be accessible and provide assistance. You can check

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All You Need to Know About Skipping Bail in Colorado

A person who has been arrested and charged for a crime must face a court trial. And according to the U.S Constitution, every defendant has the right to bail, and "excessive bail shall not be required." However, being out on bail doesn't mean total freedom. The defendant needs to follow certain bail conditions set by the judge. One primary requirement is the mandatory appearance of the defendant in all court proceedings. Being unable to appear in court has serious legal consequences.  Skipping Bail Explained A defendant released on bail must follow all bail conditions and other

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Many of us aren’t aware that bail amounts can still be changed even after they have been posted. It is possible to go home and be notified by your bail bond agent that your bail amount has been increased and needs to be settled. Otherwise, you will be sent back to jail.  So, how and why does the bail amount increase? There’s Another More Serious Offense While the bail amount has been set for a misdemeanor charge, for instance, there’s still a possibility that the bail amount could be changed or increased. If the defendant is facing a new and more

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