Who to Call First: The Lawyer or The Bail Bondsman?

There are important decisions you need to make if you ever get arrested for a crime. If it happens, you need to decide who you should call for assistance. Assuming that you have already called your family members or friends, the next people you need to call is either a lawyer or a bail bondsman to seek legal assistance.

Most Americans probably can’t afford a top-notch lawyer, but whether or not you can afford to hire both a bondsman and a lawyer, the important decision you need to make as soon as possible is who to call first. This is why if you are facing a choice between calling a lawyer or a bondsman, you need to know which one of them can help you first.

While it is important to have a lawyer for your case, a bail bondsman should be the first person you should call to be released immediately. Here’s why.

A bail bondsman can get you out of jail prior to trial.

Immediately contacting a 24 hr bail bonds or finding a “bondsman near me” will secure your release quickly. You want to make sure that you get out of jail as soon as possible so you can start working on your case. A lawyer can help you prepare your defense, but they can’t necessarily get you out of jail quickly.

A bail bondsman can help you avoid county jail.

If you get arrested for a crime, you will most likely be held to a local detention center temporarily. If you contact a bail bondsman, you can secure your release as soon as the bail is posted. This will help you avoid being transferred to a county jail which can get very crowded and potentially violent.  It is highly recommended that you start searching for a “bondsman near me as soon as you get arrested. If you do this within the first few hours of your arrest, you can avoid being transferred to the county jail.

A lawyer cannot guarantee your immediate release.

A lawyer cannot promise an outcome for your case. It will depend entirely on how strong your defense is. In order to properly prepare your defense and eventually secure your freedom, you need to get temporary freedom first by working with a bondsman. A bail bondsman can secure your release immediately so you can sort out your case outside of jail.

Posting bail gives you more leverage.

Sometimes, prosecutors will try to rush a case through the system by offering defendants a plea bargain. As a result, defendants may admit to a crime they didn’t do in the first place. Every defendant remains innocent until proven guilty. If you call a bondsman to post bail for you, you can have more time to prepare your defense.

Bail bond companies are generally available 24/7.

You can find 24 hr bail bonds almost anywhere in the U.S which means they are always available when you need them. Most lawyers can be reached during business hours which is why if you want immediate help, you should call a bail bondsman first.


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