What Happens If You Miss A Court Hearing?

In the event that you get thrown in jail and need to post bail, contact a bail bonds agent in Greeley right away. Bail bond agents pay the amount on your behalf in exchange for collateral. Once you’re free, your main responsibility is to fulfil the conditions of your bond, the most important of which is to appear at each and every court hearing. This means, you have to memorize where and when the hearings are set. If you need help with the dates and schedule, you can ask your Greeley bail bonds agent.

So what happens when you miss your court hearing?

The court may revoke your bond or worse issue a warrant of arrest and charge you with a new crime of “Failure To Appear”. Even if you were innocent of the initial charge, you will still be arrested for the act of missing the court date. The bail bond will be ordered by the court to be forfeited. When this happens, the bail bonding agent will have the right to use the money or property deposited as collateral to pay for the cost of the forfeiture.  If you miss a hearing date, the court will require the bail bonds company to come after you, apprehend or arrest you and return you back to custody.

How do you redeem yourself and fix the situation?

Act quickly. Contact your bail bonds agent right away. If you act within days of the missed court date, some courts are more lenient and understanding and the consequences won’t be as severe. Also, your bondsman will advise you on the next steps and specific courses of action you should take. They can even provide you with a “consent of surety”, which you need to present to the court clerk in order to ask for a new court hearing date.  If you missed a court hearing for a valid reason such as illness or hospitalization, your bondsman will assist you by finding a lawyer to plead on your behalf not to forfeit your bond or serve you with additional charges.

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