The Bail Bonds Process in Weld County

bail bonds weld county

Weld County is the largest county in northeastern Colorado with 4,017 square miles of Great Plains and the South Platte River valley. It is a major agricultural area with numerous farms and ranches.  There are trusted bail bonds in Weld County to ensure the appearance of individuals charged with criminal offenses. The court does not want to release an arrested person without security, or if there is a significant chance many would fail to appear for court appearances. Failure to appear in court can cause significant problems which can be saved through bail bonds. Now, the challenge is to make the bail bonds high enough to ensure appearance at hearings but not so high that the person cannot afford to post the amount. There can be many consequences for those sitting in jail.

To obtain the release of friends and family, a bail bondsman can post through cash, property or surety. Usually it takes several hours to process a bail bond but the good thing is that there are bail bonds in Weld County who are open 24/7. 

The process starts when the inmate is fingerprinted and photographed which is called inmate “processing”. In some cases too a “Personal Recognizance” bond or PR bond is permitted which involves a promise to pay if the person changed fails to appear. In other cases, there is a booking fee and a bond fee which entitles the jail to tax a person for being arrested. This booking fee however is refundable in cases where the defendant is found “not guilty”. In serious cases in which the defendants have prior arrests or do not have close ties to Colorado, a bail bond other than PR is often required. 

The purpose of a bail bond is designed to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. Unfortunately sometimes it is used by the police to punish a defendant in custody or to punish a defendant for not speaking with the police and confessing to a crime. Typically, a Weld County bondsman will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a defendant in court. Bail bonds in Weld County may vary in amount. Misdemeanors are usually $500 to $5,000; class 5 and class 6 felony are often in the low thousands; class 4 felony is in $5,000 to $10,000; capital offense is a million dollars or more and sexual assault on a child felony ranges from $20,000 to $100,000.  Some factors also influence the bail amounts including any prior criminal history, prior failures to appear, the severity of the offense, the strength of evidence and whether sex or firearms are involved.

One thing you need to work out after someone you love got arrested is to get a professional bail bond service near you. Getting out of jail is something that will surely benefit the defendant. If you need professional help to pretrial process release for your loved one, contact a Weld County bondsman like Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds at Tel: 303-659-2245

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