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The Counterman Stalking case: A stalker disguised as a promoter

Stalking happens when someone repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, tries to communicate with or watches another person (or someone that person is close to). In connection with that behavior, the stalker either threatens that person or does those things in a way that causes the person to suffer serious emotional distress.   In a relationship, when it’s on the verge of a breakup, sometimes one of the parties cannot help but stalk the other especially in the internet age when every detail of an individual can be accessed virtually. Staking can also be done via text messages, voicemail

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Conditions to Follow While Out On Bail

So you posted bail and got out of jail. What happens next before trial? In line with Federal Criminal Law, a judge can release an accused person on bail as long as they strictly follow the conditions set for release and meet these specific requirements. First and foremost, the most important bail condition is that the defendant must appear at all court hearings. Failure to appear may result in arrest and your bond will be forfeited. This is when a bail bonds service comes in handy because your bail bonding agent will guarantee your appearance and make sure you are present

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