Failure to appear in court is a mortal sin when you get released through bail bonds in Greeley since you are expected to attend all court proceedings. It is one of the bail conditions that you agreed upon when bailing out. Failure to appear in court is a serious breach of release conditions and is enough reason to be sent back to jail.

Among other bail conditions, the defendant must avoid making even small mistakes to ensure that he won’t be sent back to prison again.

Showing up late in the court hearing

Most of the judges observe punctuality inside the courtroom. They are often not lenient when you show up late to court. It could be another reason for a breach of your release conditions.

Consuming alcohol

When you are drunk, you may do something that could lead to another arrest. It is always a good idea to prohibit yourself from consuming alcohol while out on bail since alcohol consumption can reduce your good judgment. Especially if you got arrested for a crime that involves alcohol, such as DUI, the court might prohibit you from alcohol consumption.

Testing positive for drug use

Some courts may ask you to agree on random drug tests while you are out on bail. Testing positive for drug use is a major offense even if you are not on bail. It could lead to your re-arrest and may result in non-approval of the petition for bail bonds in Greeley.

Visiting certain friends

Avoiding certain friends, particularly the bad influences, would be a very wise decision for you to make. It will help you from committing another offense or crime if they were the same person(s) you were with when you violated the law. Additionally, the court may specifically order you to a no-contact rule involving particular people like the victim or other people involved in the crime. 

Quitting your job

Resigning at your current job is a terrible mistake that you can do while out on bail. For obvious reasons, you won’t have financial sources to keep up your legal case. Also, keeping up a regular job is a determining factor in bail since it gives you ties in the community, which makes you a low flight risk. However, if you suddenly quit your long-term job, the court might assume that you are planning to flee. 

Ignoring your co-signer

Co-signers play a vital role in getting a bail bond release. Without them, the bail bondsman in Greeley will not allow you to get their service. A co-signer acts as your guarantor that will ensure you follow all the stipulated bail conditions. As a result, your co-signer might always check up on you and continuously remind you of things. It could be irritating on your part but make sure to cooperate. Otherwise, your co-signer might report you to the authorities and that can lead to your re-arrest. 

It should be easy to follow the law while out on bail. Your co-signer, defense attorney, and bail bondsman in Greeley will be there to remind you of such things. If you want to know more about bail conditions, contact Lucky Lucero’s bail bonds at 303-659-2245.

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