Can You Post Your Own Bail in Colorado?

If you are arrested and consequently placed in jail in Colorado, the very first thing that will come to your mind is to get out of jail as soon as possible. If it’s your first time getting arrested, you may not know how to proceed but posting bail should be your next step.

The U.S. judicial system has found a way to allow defendants to avoid spending time in jail while their case is pending in court. By posting bail, a person can obtain the temporary release of a detained loved one and allow the latter to return home to live a normal life – until the court issues a final verdict on their case.

If You are the One Arrested, Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail?

As the accused, if you have the cash to pay for the bail after you are booked, you can actually bail yourself out without the need for a cosigner. It is necessary however for you to have the bail amount in cash if you want to post bail for yourself. This is not feasible for most people, which is where a bail bond comes in.

If posting bail in cash is not possible for you, you should turn to a reliable 24 hour bail bonds agency in Greeley CO. Typically, posting a bail bond is done by another person such as a family member or friend. But in certain circumstances, even if you’re the one arrested, the court may allow you to post a bail bond for yourself, especially if your case falls into any of these categories:

  • The offense is your first time
  • You are a long-time resident of your community
  • You have a good credit score
  • You’re currently holding a good, stable job
  • You live in a home registered in your name
  • Your equity is equal or greater than the bail amount

Instances that Can Disqualify You from Posting Your Own Bail Bond:

  • You are jobless
  • You are a new resident of the community
  • You have a poor credit score
  • You don’t have family or friends in the area you live
  • You have a history of previous arrests

If you don’t have cash to pay for the amount of bond which is a percentage of the total bail amount, or if you fall under any of the above conditions, you’re not qualified to post bond for yourself. However, a smart Greeley bondsman will ask you if there’s someone they can contact to cosign or pay the bail bond for you.

So it’s actually possible for you to bail yourself out of jail with cash or a bail bond from a reputable Greeley bondsman – as long as the court sees that you deserve such a privilege.

Whether you are qualified to post bail for yourself or not, your first step should be to earn the trust of your bondsman. In short, you must be honest with them. You don’t need to pretend that you are financially stable or you own a home because your bondsman will always discover the truth. Being found untrustworthy can have damaging consequences for you and you can end up with no one to help you obtain temporary freedom.

Whatever your alleged offense may be, make Lucero’s Bail Bonds your trusted 24 hour bail bonds agency in Greeley CO.

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