What You Need to Know About the Arrest Process

There is a legal procedure that needs to be followed when someone is arrested. If you want to get out of jail as soon as possible, you need to go through a specific series of events that also comply with your constitutional and legal rights. Below is the chronological order of the arrest process.


An arrest happens when a person is taken into police custody and you are no longer free to walk away. You will be told that you are arrested and your rights will be read to you.


After you have been taken into police custody, the booking process will begin. In this step, the police officer will collect your personal information and collate all the evidence relating to the assumed crime. Fingerprints, photograph, background check, and other important details will be taken. Moreover, your personal property will be put in storage and you will be placed in a holding cell.

Bail Hearings

Whether it’s you or a loved one that got arrested, getting out as soon as possible is the most obvious plan of action.  Some are allowed to post bail shortly after getting arrested. The purpose of bail is to make sure the accused is released back to the community and will willingly return on his or her scheduled court dates. This is where the work of a Weld County bondsman comes in. If you don’t have the cash to post bail, just look for the best bail bonds in Weld County.

You will have to follow certain conditions should you secure a bail bond in Weld County. This could include limits on travel, abstinence from alcohol and drugs and showing up for court. Talk to a Weld County bondsman to make sure you understand everything before signing the agreement.

Future Court Appearances

If you were able to post bail, you need to make sure that you go back for the scheduled court dates. Following the court procedure, the next steps will depend on a case to case basis. For instance, if the judge sees that there is no probable cause that you have committed the crime, the case will most likely not continue. The exact rules and procedures from here will depend on your case or the laws of your state. In some cases, additional steps will have to be taken because of your situation. Nonetheless, this is the order that needs to be followed when an arrest happens.

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