Bail Bonds Fact: Is Bail Tax-Deductible in Colorado?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, the bail that you paid to the Courts in Colorado is not a tax. Bail is a security to ensure that the defendant will be attending all of his court proceedings until the case’s closure. Otherwise, the money he used to post the bail bonds in Douglas County Colorado will be forfeited. And you won’t like that to happen.

What is the Purpose of Bail Money?

If a person gets arrested for their law violations, the court may give them a chance to get back to their everyday life while hearing their case in court. This process is called a pretrial release wherein the defendant or accused person can be released temporarily as long as they abide by the conditions of the court.

However, the defendant’s party needs to post bail to carry out the pretrial release successfully. The defendant needs to pay the “bail money,” which is the amount set by the court during the bail hearing. 

What are the Factors for Granting or Denying Bail?

During the bail hearing, the judge may grant a bail amount for the defendant’s pretrial release or deny it altogether. These decisions are based on various factors such as the suspect’s past criminal history, level of being a possible flight risk, and intensity of the defendant’s threat in the community.

Can Bail Money be Returned?

Luckily, when the defendant could follow all the court’s bail conditions, the bail money will be returned to you. You might not get 100% of the money you paid since the court usually deducts the legal fees connected to the defendant’s case. And since the posted bail is an assurance to the defendant’s adherence, the money will only be refunded after the case closure regardless of the decision. 

Why is Posting Bail Bond Better than Cash Bail?

You will be paying the full bail amount set by the judge when you post cash bail. Therefore, if the court set a $20,000 bail amount, you need to come up with that money. Even though you have enough assets or money for the bail, the jail time of the defendant can be prolonged since there are limitations with the mobilization of your money. For instance, the accused person might sit in jail for the weekends if he was arrested on Friday night since banks are closed at night and during weekends. 

But with the service of a Douglas County bondsman, your loved one won’t be needing to suffer in jail since most bail bond agencies, in Douglas County Colorado, operate 24/7 to attend to their customer’s bailing needs. Also, the amount you will need to gather is usually only 15 percent of the bail amount. You have to pay up to $3,000, which is 15 percent of the $20,000 bail amount. 

However, unlike with cash bail, the money you paid to the Douglas County bondsman won’t be refunded since this amount serves as a service charge or premium fee.

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