Inmate Search Information and Bail Bonds In The Weld County Jail

The Weld County Jail is one of several jails in Colorado with 713 beds that serves as a detention facility for incarcerated people awaiting trial for their misdemeanor or felony charges, as well as convicts who are serving their sentences. It is located in Greeley, Colorado, which is 32 miles southeast of Fort Collins in northern Colorado.

Inmate Search Information in the Weld County Jail

 A Daily Arrests Report is a list administered by the Greeley Sheriff’s Office to inform the public of all the names of detainees that have been taken into custody at the Weld County Jail. The database stores all arrests made from February 2006 up to the recent date.

  1. What Are the Things to Do in Searching for Inmate Information?

Once a loved one got arrested and was held in the Weld county jail, it is normal that we want them to get out of jail as soon as possible. Typically, the complete name of a loved one who you think is booked in Weld County Jail is already sufficient to pull up his public information. However, to save you more time and effort, other pertinent details are helpful such as age, race, date of arrest, or criminal charge.

To effectively carry out inmate search information in Weld County Jail, you will need to take these few steps to get them out of jail successfully.

Get the Basic Information

Heading to the presumed local jail, only to find out that your family or loved one is not there will waste your time. So, collecting vital information of the defendant is needed to locate their confirmed place of incarceration. The more details you have, the easier you can identify their location.

Here is some of the relevant information you can use in searching inmates in Weld County Jail and other local jails in Colorado.

  • The person’s last, first, and middle name
  • The person’s age or date of birth
  • The person’s criminal charge or offense
  • The date, time, and location of the person’s arrest

 Search Online

 With the help of the technology, as easy as looking online, you can pull up the relevant information of your loved one or family member who has been recently arrested. As mentioned earlier, Sheriffs’ Offices have a website that will show the records of the people booked into their local jail. Additionally, a Weld County bail bonds agency’s website offers an inmate search tool that would be helpful to expedite your searching process. Get the contact information of a Weld County bondsman to help you in the process of releasing your loved one quickly.

Call to Verify

Lastly, you can directly call the detention Center like Weld County Jail to confirm the location of your incarcerated loved one or family member. Afterwards, you can start the legal process of pretrial release with the help of a licensed Colorado Bail Bondsman.

  1. What Are Other Inmate Locators?

 The inmate search tool of Weld County Jail is already helpful in confirming the place of incarceration of your detained loved one. However, it is also useful to know other ways that will help get out your loved one from prison.

Aside from the official website of the Weld County Jail, you can also search inmate information through other means:

Inmates Plus Website

It is a helpful website that will let you run inmate searches in both federal and local facilities. Also, it answers commonly asked questions about the rules and regulations of communicating with inmates in different facilities. It updates daily and contains accurate data.

VINElink Inmate Lookup

Once you’ve confirmed the detention facility of the offender, you can sign up on this website to be informed of the progress of the inmate’s status. You will receive a notification via email or phone message.

Bail Bonds in Weld County Jail

Most of the detainees in Weld County Jail can obtain pretrial release by posting bail. You can pay the bail amount either from your funds or through the help of a professional Weld County Bail Bondsman. The bond desk at the Greeley Jail can be contacted at (970) 356-4015, extension 3921 or 3922.

  1. What Is Bail?

 In Colorado Law, “bail means security, which may include a bond with or without monetary conditions, required by a court for the release of a person in custody to provide reasonable assurance of public safety and court appearance.” In other words, posting bail will give the defendant a legal temporary release while awaiting trial. It is essential to note that the offender needs to adhere to certain bail conditions set by the court. Otherwise, the bail will be forfeited, and the offender will go back to prison.

  1. How to Post Bail in Weld County Jail?

Usually, after the incarceration of the offender, he will be scheduled for a bail hearing. It is a court process that will allow the defendant’s attorney to request for a reduction of bail amount or even get released without bail through “personal recognizance.” If the defendant doesn’t have an attorney present in the bail hearing, the judge may set the bail into the default amount.

There are different ways to post bail if someone is detained in Weld County jail and other local jails in Colorado.

Through Cash Bail. The defendant may pay the full bail amount from his own pocket with the assurance that the money he paid will be returned once the trial has been concluded. You can pay it using cash, a money order, or cashier’s check. These checks should be made payable to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. Take note that an additional fee of $40 might be needed to cover for the booking and bond fee.

Through the Bail Bond Agency. With the help of the Colorado Bail  Bondsman, the defendant can post bail and get released from prison without paying the full bail amount. Instead, he needs to pay for up to a 15% premium fee to the Weld County bail bonds agency. This fee serves as a non-refundable charge in exchange for posting a surety bond on behalf of the defendant.

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