How to Qualify as a Co-Signer for a Bail Bond

If someone you love is in police custody, you may find yourself in need of a bail bond. While judges are required to set the bail amount to something that isn’t oppressive, it can still be expensive. The majority of bail bonds in Brighton protect the money being put up for bail by requiring a co-signer for any posted bond. So, once you find a bail bondsman in Brighton, how do you qualify as a co-signer? We’ll tell you what items you need in order to help your loved one post bail.

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What You Need to Qualify as a Co-Signer

Before you head into our local office to fill out and sign documentation, please check that you have the following items:

  • A government issued ID
  • Arrest history and background information on the defendant
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Payment in the form of cash, debit or credit card

Without these essential items, your bail bond application may be denied for co-signing. Also, if you provide false information or documentation, the company that issues your bail bonds in Brighton can surrender their client back into custody.

The Importance of These Items

The reason why bail companies require these items up front is to make sure that you have the credibility and responsible nature needed to vouch for the defendant. If your loved one misses their court date, you’ll be on the hook as the liable party.

Because fraudulent identities and fake signatures are common in this industry, a government-issued ID is mandatory. Prior arrest history and background questions are needed to prove that all information given during previous application processes was true.

Bail bonds companies require proof of income to show that the co-signer has the means to support the monthly bail payment if the defendant fails to pay. Without it, you’re not likely to get approved. Proof of residency shows the bondsman that you’re from the local area.

Last of all, you must be sure to have a payment method available for the bail bond company. Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds accepts cash, credit and debit cards, and collateral (with pre-approval).

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