How to Post Bail in Jefferson County Court

When the judge sets the bail amount it’s usually a large amount of money, depending on the crime that the defendant is being accused of. A 2017 Federal Reserve report  stated that 4 out of 10 Americans are unable to come up with an unplanned expense of $400. So many who are arrested are then forced to stay in jail until the trial date.

If you can pay the bail amount, the person in jail will be released immediately. Often, family and friends either take out loans or sell off assets like jewellery to afford bail. If you cannot afford to let go of your personal property to raise funds, this is where bail bonds agents in Golden, Colorado come in handy.

A bail bonding agent or bondsman will post the defendant’s bail bond and guarantee that the defendant will satisfy all conditions of release by appearing on all scheduled court dates set by the judge and court officers. These agents for bail bonds in Jefferson County Colorado are licensed by the state and are equipped to handle your cases discreetly and quickly. All you need to do is pay a percentage of the total amount.

Once you have posted bail through your bail bonds agent in Golden, CO, your family member or loved one will be released immediately. They can return home and even to their jobs. As long as they continue to be on their best behaviour in the community and follow the bail conditions set by the court, there is no reason for them to pay a larger amount than what they gave the bondsman.

If you need help with bail bonds in Jefferson County, Colorado, Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds can verify the detention of your loved one as well as proceed with the bonding process to get them released from jail immediately. If someone close to you has been arrested, our professional, licensed bondsman in Jefferson County are available 24/7 to assist with bail and get them released pending trial.

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