How to Post Bail in the Douglas County Jail

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It’s recommended to call the jail or the court directly after the defendant has been booked in the Douglas County Jail. Ask the jail or the court representative for this information:

– Is the defendant eligible for bail or not?

– How much is the bail amount?

– Where can I make a payment?

– Are there any time or day restrictions when posting bail?

– What are the accepted payment types?

– Can I use a bail bond agent?

Posting a bail

You can post bail at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office 24 hours a day. The jail charges a $10 non-refundable cash fee and a $30 booking fee each time someone goes to jail. There are different ways of posting bail in Douglas County Jail, such as through cash or money orders, bail bonds services in Douglas County Colorado, and property bonds.

Option 1. Using Cash or Money Order

If you are planning to pay the bail amount in full, you can use cash or money order. Also, personal checks are not accepted, but a cashier’s check can be considered. Typically, the bail amount ranges from $100 to $75,000 or more, depending on the gravity of the crime. Go to the Douglas County jail or to the court where the bail arraignment has occurred. However, going directly to the county jail will expedite the defendant’s release since any bail paperwork will have to be transferred to prison. On the other hand, you can purchase money orders in any Western Union, Moneygram, or Post Office and address it to Douglas County Jail, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, or the Douglas County Court.

Option 2. Through a surety bond

In case the defendant’s family can’t afford to pay the full bail amount, a surety bond or Douglas County bondsman can be used to post bail. The defendant and the bail bonds company will enter into an agreement wherein the bail bondsman will pay the full bail amount. In return, the defendant will need to pay a 10 to 15 percent non-refundable premium charge to the bail bonds company. For instance, if the bail amount is $5,000, the premium charged will be approximately $500 to $750. In addition, the Douglas County bondsman may need to require some collateral to ensure the defendant won’t skip bail.

 Option 3. Through a Property Bond.

Property within Douglas County can be used to post bail. It serves as collateral, and the property owner must be present to sign the bond in order to bail someone out. You may also ask a bail bondsman or a defense lawyer if you are planning to use property outside of Douglas County to post bail.

Most of the time, the judge sets bail for people incarcerated in detention facilities like the Douglas County Jail. In this way, the defendant who will post bail can go home during the criminal process. If you want to know more about the bail bonds in Douglas County, Colorado, call a trusted bail bonds company like Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds at 303-659-2245.

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