How To Get Permission To Leave The State While On Bond?

Being arrested can be difficult but what makes it harder is if you have been arrested or the one you know is arrested in another state. In case it is in Colorado, you can call for Aurora bail bonds. As long as you are released on a bail bond, you will have to adhere to several conditions. If you failed to follow the conditions set on the bail bond, it can be revoked and you will be escorted back to jail. 

One of these conditions is not moving to a new state or leaving the state while you are on bail. If you violate this, you will be tagged as a flight risk and can seriously hurt your chances of winning the case. It would help if you would contact a bondsman Aurora CO to further clarify your arrangement.

For some instances like a medical emergency or a personal reason, you will need to get permission to travel out of the state while out on bail. For some, defendants are given the freedom to travel for special reasons.

Get proper permission from the court

If you really need to go to another state because of important and critical matters, it is important to seek permission from the court. There’s a good chance that your request will be granted. It is still the court that would have the final say. If you leave and fail to inform the court, a warrant will be put out and you will be arrested. In addition, if you are already outside the state or country, you will still be arrested and returned. 

Communicate with your bondsman

You must always consult with your bondsman Aurora CO even after you have successfully obtained the permission of the court to leave the country or state. Your bondsman may face penalties if you miss your court date and fail to fulfill your side of the agreement.

Can I leave even if I have a felony charge?

Having a felony charge could be complicated and there can be low chances of permission to leave the state since you are facing a more serious charge. On the other hand, there are extremely rare cases where the Court allows defendants to leave the state even on a felony charge.

Contact a bail bondsman

The wisest decision when facing an arrest is to ask for help from Aurora bail bonds. Depending on the situation, your decision to leave the state can either hurt or help your case. The bondsmen already know the process of asking the Court’s permission to leave the state or country so you can trust them to do the work.

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