How is Bail Set by the Judge?

Bail is the amount of money set by the court when you are prosecuted for a crime. The defendant must pay this amount in order to be released from jail before the trial. Your loved one or family member will get to go home and get on with their normal life as long as they follow the conditions of bail, which is to make sure that they will appear in all scheduled court proceedings.

You can post bail and be released from jail through any of the following:

  1. Pay the full amount of bail. You can pay the court or county jail holding you or your loved one in custody with cash, credit card or personal check.
  2. Pay only 10% to a bail bonds firm in Greeley, CO. You can hire the services of a bail bondsman by paying 10% of the total bail amount to a bail bond agency in Greeley as a nonrefundable fee. You can be released from jail right away without paying the full bail. All you have to do is provide collateral. Find out what the common types of bail collateral are by reading this blog article. Your collateral will be returned to you if you follow all the bail conditions given and most importantly, be present for all scheduled court appearances required from you.

The amount and type of bail is fixed based on the judge’s decision when your loved one first appears in court. The court will take into consideration the defendant’s individual circumstances when the amount of bail is set. The judge can also adjust bail accordingly, to make sure the defendant appears in court when they are required to do so.

In setting the bail amount, the court will consider several factors about the defendant and the alleged crime that your loved one or family member allegedly committed.

Some factors include:

  • Seriousness of the alleged crime. If the defendant was arrested for a drug-related or violent charge, it leads to a high bail amount. Higher bail coincides with serious charges.
  • The defendant’s prior criminal record. If your loved one or family member has a criminal history then most likely the bail will be set higher to prevent them from being released easily.
  • The probability that the defendant will appear for hearings and trials. If your loved one or family member has a good record, good behaviour and is likely to appear for all court proceedings then bail may be lower.
  • The safety of the public, the alleged victims and victims’ families. If the crime was violent, then bail will likely be set high to keep the defendant in jail and off the streets.

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