How Does A Bail Bond Work? Learn the Basics



Being arrested or incarcerated for breaking the law is an unfortunate situation no one wants to be in. Because you do not want to stay in jail, you need to pay or post bail to the court. But first, you need to understand the processes involved before, after, and during the time that you post bail to get out of jail fast.

Being “Booked” into Police Custody

Upon an arrest, your arresting officer will process or book you into their police custody during which your information and the details of your alleged crime will be recorded. They will also check your background for prior offenses, search you and confiscate your personal belongings that are in your possession during the arrest including phones and keys. You will be asked to record your fingerprints and be photographed. You will be placed in a local jail or the holding cell of the station.

There are minor offenses that merit an offender’s release from jail following a written citation and a promise from you to appear in court when asked to do so on certain dates. Otherwise, you or your family or friends will need to arrange for your release.

Most states have hundreds of people incarcerated for various reasons, and finding the inmate you want to help bail out of jail from can be challenging. Conduct an Adams County inmate lookup to find the numbers that you’re dealing within this county in Colorado.

Posting Bail

Bail is the money that the court decides to set in order to secure your release—with the guarantee that you will be present during court hearings at a later scheduled date. More than anything, the bail acts as an agreement between the defendant and the court that the former will show up on hearings.

One type of bail bond is called Personal Recognizance Bond which, upon authorization from the court, allows for the defendant’s release upon their personal recognizance—or a guarantee to appear in court as required. In cases involving Felony, Class I Misdemeanor, and prior convictions of both within the last 5 and 2 years respectively, the Personal recognizance Bond is posted for the defendant’s release.

With the court’s permission, the defendant may also deposit cash or property to the court clerk. This Property Bond serves as guarantee of the defendant’s appearance in court during the case hearing.

Remember that bail bond regulations aren’t the same for all jurisdictions. Regardless, the primary concern when posting bonds is that you appear in court when expected to.

Different courts carry out different bail proceedings to determine whether or not bail is an option for your release from jail. If so, the court sets the bail amount. The judge will also decide upon your restrictions as an offender, if any, while your case is ongoing. You may be required to abide by a curfew, undertake testing or treatment, and comply with other rules.

Learn more about bail bonds through these facts:

  • You need to appear in court as promised; otherwise, your bail bond will be forfeited. Not only that, the court will ask that you pay the bond’s remaining 90%.
  • Appear in court as promised if the judge released you from jail “on your own recognizance”; otherwise, there will be a warrant for your arrest.

Working with a Bail Bond Agent

Regardless of your federal or state crime, law dictates that you have the right to bail.

Most bails are set for an amount so big that defendants are often unable to pay on their own. This is where a bondsman or bail agent comes in. The bail bondsman posts a Bail Bond for you, and usually charges up to 10% of the bail bond amount.

If you are looking for a family or friend who has been arrested or incarcerated, there are ways to find them. If, say, the defendant is in Adams County in Colorado, conduct Adams County inmate search to get useful information from the database. Locating a friend or family member in jail doesn’t have to be impossibly frustrating.

There are several bail bond companies out there but not all of them are created equal. Make sure you pick the best bail bond service that truly addresses your needs in a fast and efficient manner. You bail bond company is a critical part of your efforts to deal with incarceration threats. Your bail bond agent should understand the conditions of

your bail and be aware of your upcoming deadlines and court appearance dates to avoid incurring penalties.


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