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If someone close to you has been arrested, but can’t afford to pay bail, you may be able to help them gain freedom until their trial date by getting a bail bond. In 2015, over 56,000 crimes were reported across the state of Colorado and many of the people arrested needed a bail bondsman before being released. With more than one bail bond company coming up in your web search, how do you know which one to choose? When you come to the point that you realize, “I need a bail bondsman,” there are several things to take into consideration.

What to Look For

Dealing with an arrest is a stressful and busy time, but you still need to research carefully. Choose a bail bond company with great reviews, and possibly one that has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. Look for a surety company that will work with your specific financial situation. If you need to pay your premium over time, you’ll want a company that will honor that request and put it in writing. Also, decide now whether you’re willing to put up collateral for your bond with property like your vehicle.

If you have questions about the bail process, a good bondsman should take the time to answer them well, whether you want to know how bail hearings work or how to repay the bond. They should also provide documentation upon request that proves they can legally work in your jurisdiction. Most bond agents are licensed by their state’s Department of Insurance, so asking for proof of licensing before discussing the terms of your service is perfectly acceptable.

When someone you love is in jail, quick release is a priority. A good bail bond business will be able to negotiate with the jails and court system all day, every day, to arrange a timely hearing for release. Local companies may be on better terms with the local sheriffs and jail, making it easier to negotiate a faster release under more favorable terms.

Always do your research before deciding that “I need a bail bondsman.” It will depend on the particular circumstances of both you and your friend or family member who’s been arrested. If it would be better for them to be released as they wait for their first court appearance, hiring a bond agent at Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds can help you navigate the local legal system with less stress and heartache.


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