How Courts Across Colorado Are Adjusting Amid the Coronavirus

The continuous surge of coronavirus cases in the United States is affecting every aspect of life, including all levels of the government. In Colorado, some businesses and agencies have shut down but a number of courthouses will have to remain open. Adjustments and emergency plans are being implemented in those courts across the state in response to COVID-19.

Colorado’s Supreme Court announced the suspension of court operations such as jury calls in state courts until May, except for jury calls that have speedy trial deadlines. And in an unprecedented move, the state’s legislative session has been halted temporarily due to coronavirus concerns.

While courts across Colorado will remain open for some urgent matters, an uneven response to coronavirus is expected as policies vary by district and individual judge.

In Boulder County’s 20th Judicial District Court, non-essential operations are limited to the some cases with hearings that are possibly to be moved to a new date. If a person’s case date changes, court officials will be contacting them instead. If there is a need to come to court, they, along with all court officials, will wear gloves and masks and use hand sanitizers.

Meanwhile, in Adams County, a trial of a high-profile case involving the recent news of the abolition of the death penalty in Colorado has been further delayed due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.Concerns on emergency bond hearings also arose.

In the Weld County Jail in Greeley, an inmate and four jail employees tested positive for COVID-19. Being held in police custody is now even more dangerous due to the spread of coronavirus in jails. If you or someone you know has been arrested, it is best to contact a  24 hour bail bonds Greeley CO agency to secure bail bonds in Greeley for immediate release.

Law enforcement agencies and courts across Colorado may also face even more pressing matters, as a surge of Coronavirus-related crimes may become a possible scenario. Hate crimes, which consist of threatening individuals or deliberately exposing and infecting others with COVID-19. Fraud and financial crimes are also on the rise like selling fake COVID-19 test kits, stealing surgical masks and other personal protective equipment, and price gouging.

In Colorado, price gouging is not illegal but there is an exception on specific items in times of emergency. In the case of price gouging of medicine or drugs, a violator can be charged with fraud. If the court grants bail, you can secure bail bonds in Greeley to be released immediately.

Continued operation of the courts in times of crisis can promote public confidence and maintain order and stability in this unstable time. Above all, preserving the rule of law should be out of the question.

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