Common Types of Property Crimes

According to a study, worker layoffs are one of the reasons for higher rates of property crimes. Property crime is the term used for the type of crime that results in the destruction or theft of someone’s private property. This may include graffiti, littering, or even large-scale crimes such as embezzlement. Nevertheless, anyone charged with any form of a property crime can be arrested or fined.

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Property crimes are classified into five basic categories. Here are the details on each type to help you understand the possible penalties:


Theft is intentionally depriving an owner’s property. It is a broad category as it can mean taking, obtaining, committing extortion, or withholding property, among others. The manner in which it was committed must be determined by the court. All the same, when proven, it can result in fines and prison time.


Breaking into a property to commit a crime is defined as burglary. This can involve private residences, stores, cars, or even an outdoor location. The penalties for burglary vary by state and the amount of damage done and stolen goods. The charges can also range from a misdemeanor to a class 3 felony.


Extortion is the use of threats to force or convince someone to give up their property. The threats may involve physically harming someone, exposing a person’s private information, or slander. These threats can be written, spoken, or non-verbally communicated to the victim. Penalties for this crime include compensation for the stolen goods or property, fines, and jail time that can exceed 15 years.


This type of property crime involves the use of fire to destroy property. This can be a residential or commercial building. The most common reasons for arson include hatred, anger, or revenge to a specific group of people, destruction of evidence of other criminal activities, and more. Destroying properties such as cars, paintings, or even a garden is also considered arson. It doesn’t have to be intentional to get charged with arson. In some cases, the accused can be charged with arson due to inattention or recklessness that resulted in a property catching fire.


Damaging or destroying someone else’s property intentionally is considered vandalism. The most common examples for this include spray-painted graffiti, smashed mailboxes, or broken windows. Acts of vandalism are usually classified as misdemeanors unless the damage is very severe. For acts of vandalism that are classified as a misdemeanor, it may only involve a small fine and a few days in jail. On the other hand, large-scale vandalism can lead to tougher sentences.

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