Common Bail Conditions and What Happens If You Violate Them

If someone you know is arrested for a crime, working with a reliable Boulder County bondsman is essential to secure their release immediately. This way, they will have an opportunity to prepare their case and still maintain their family and work obligations. If the bail bonds in Boulder Colorado has been secured, the accused will be subject to specific conditions set by the court to remain out of jail. If these conditions are violated, the accused will be re-arrested, the bail money will be forfeited, and even face the possibility of new charges.

Colorado is one of the eight U.S states that allows pretrial defendants to be charged with a new crime for violating their bail conditions!

These conditions vary as it is set at the discretion of the judge. Here are some of the standard bail conditions and what happens if you fail to meet them.

Travel Restrictions

To better keep track of defendants who have released on bail bonds, travel restrictions will be imposed. The court will strictly require them to stay within their area, except for occasional exceptions that can be granted, such as visit dying or ill relatives.

Mandatory Regular Check-ins

The court will often order the defendant to check in with pretrial service officers regularly. These appointments will allow the officers to keep track of people who are out on bail and ensure their full compliance with the terms and conditions of their release.

Refrain from Drug and Alcohol Use

For defendants who are charged with drug or alcohol-related crimes, the court will most likely require them to refrain from using drugs or alcohol while they are out on bond.

Wear a Monitoring Device

In some cases, the judge may require some defendants to wear a monitoring device. If so, the defendant must wear this at all times.

Employment Requirements

The court may ask or allow employed defendants to maintain their obligations at work while they are out on bond. If unemployed, he or she will be asked to look for work actively. This condition will help assure the court that the defendant has the willingness to remain self-sufficient.

Court-Mandated Workshops and Classes

In some instances, the judge will require the defendant to attend workshops or classes. These can include behavioral classes, drug testing, counseling, and more.

No-Contact Orders

One of the most common bail conditions given to defendants is a no-contact order. If the court believes that certain persons could be harmed by the defendant, this condition will be strictly imposed. This condition is often used for those who are in domestic violence cases or any cases related to harming and threatening.

What happens if you violate the bail conditions?

If you violate these bail conditions, the following may happen:

  • You will be issued a bench warrant and get re-arrested.
  • Your bond will be revoked.
  • Further bail applications may no longer be honored.

Nobody wants to face new problems while still working on their case. Work with a Boulder County bondsman and make sure that you follow all the conditions of your release.

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