Can You Leave the State While on Bail?

If you had been arrested and the Court granted you bail, the first thing you will most likely do is search for a “bail bond agency near me” to be released immediately. As soon as you are released on a bail bond, you will have to adhere to several conditions. Failure to follow the conditions set for your bail bond can cause it to be revoked, and you will be escorted back to jail.

Not moving to a new address or leaving the state is one of the common restrictions if you’re out on bail. This is one of the obligations you need to face if you want to avoid damaging your case. Otherwise, you will be tagged as a flight risk. It can seriously hurt your chances of winning the case. It would help if you assured the Court that you would stay in your current address until your case is heard.

Can you travel out of state while out on bail?

The time between your release on bail and trial is very sensitive, so whether it is for a medical emergency or a personal reason, you will need to get permission to travel out of state while out on bail. Every case is different. In some instances, some defendants are given the freedom to travel for special reasons.


Who decides if you can leave the state?

If you need to leave the state, you need to get written permission from the Court and the bail bondsman. These two authorities work hand in hand to ensure you follow the direct instructions given to you before leaving the area. It won’t be in your best interest to leave the state without permission, even if you are planning to come back as it can make the situation even more complicated. Research for a ‘bail bonds near my location‘ if you need a bail bondsman to help you in this matter. Ideally, a ‘bail bond agency near me‘ can help provide insights to your inquiry since the concern is within their jurisdiction.


Can I leave the state on a felony charge?

Getting arrested for a felony charge is more complicated, and there are low chances you will be permitted to leave the state since you are facing a more serious charge. However, there are extremely rare cases where the Court allows defendants to leave the state even on a felony charge.


How a Bail Bondsman Helps in This Situation

Bailing out of jail is its crime, and you don’t want to add that to your case. The best decision you should make is to ask assistance from your bail bond agency. Depending on your situation, your decision to leave the state can either hurt or help your case. They will assess if you can be granted permission. Moreover, they already know the process of asking the Court’s permission to leave the country. Search for ‘bail bonds near my location’ so you can have the peace of mind to leave the state while your case is still pending.

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