Everything You Need to Know When a Bond Gets Revoked

In every state, there is a corresponding process concerning the posting of bail. In the same way, the court may also forfeit a defendant’s right to bail if they fail to appear at a specific place and time ordered by the court. If the defendant sought help from a bail bond company, certain conditions will also require compliance. Otherwise, a re-arrest will be made and the amount paid to a Brighton CO bail bonds agency may no longer be returned to him or her.

Three of the most common reasons for bail bond revocation are:

  • A crime was committed while released on bail.
  • Jumping bail or failing to appear for a court hearing.
  • Violating a condition of his or her bail.

Who can revoke bail?

The judge can revoke bail. A Brighton area bail bonds agent can also revoke bail or even arrest the defendant. In addition, a prosecutor can also motion for the bail to be revoked. However, in most states, there is a certain limitation in doing so. For example, Brighton area bail bonds agents cannot revoke a bond for non-payments. They can, however, pursue legal actions to collect payments instead.

So, what happens next when a bond gets revoked?

If the court maintains that the bail revocation stands, the Brighton, CO bail bonds service that the defendant engaged will be forfeited, and he or she will be returned to jail. Any property or money that was used to make the defendant’s bail will be seized by the court as well. And if the defendant has a co-signer, they can also be required to pay a bail bond fee plus collateral, which becomes the property of the court.

In some situations, the defendant can apply to be released again but the court may no longer approve a bond the second time. Moreover, the court may also require you to pay fines and costs.


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