Bail Bonds For Women And How To Avail One

Before the Reproductive Health Equity Act, Colorado was one of few states that allowed an abortion at any point in pregnancy. A minor must notify at least one parent if they get the procedure. State health insurance can not pay for an abortion unless a patient’s life is at risk, other than that there are no waiting periods or restrictions. 

Last June 25, the Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that recognized women’s constitutional right to abortion. The court in a 6-3 ruling powered by its conservative majority upheld a Republican-backed Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. In short, the ruling restored the ability of states to ban abortion. Now, given that Colorado has an existing law on abortion, how would the reversal of Roe v Wade affect the state?

Well, Colorado is expected to see an uptick in patients from states that move to restrict abortion access in light of the new Supreme Court decision. But for the moment, it is still unclear how big the impact will be. The only thing that is sure is it will impact the women.

Across the United States, many women are currently incarcerated in prisons and more than 60 percent of these women have not been convicted of a crime. They are detained pending trial, often because they cannot afford to make bail. Women are more likely to be unemployed at the time of arrest than men are and less likely to have someone who can post bail for them. Because of the hovering cost of bail, even women who are employed at the time of arrest have difficulty posting bail. The good thing is there are Aurora bail bonds that can help you with your rights and bail agreement. 

So a defendant pays the agent a percentage for writing the bond and in turn, the agent pays the insurance company a premium. Aurora bail bonds are responsible for the bond payment if a defendant fails to appear and cannot be located. They have arrangements with local courts under which the bondsmen agree to post a bond. The bond then frees the bondsman from having to deposit cash or property with the court every time a new client is taken on. Should any of a bondsman’s clients fail to appear at trial, the court can be paid from the bond.

To ensure that the defendant will appear before the court, the bondsman may require a defendant to check in by telephone or in person or may require the defendant to be monitored in some other way. However, Aurora bail bonds are not obligated to post bail if the agent concludes that a defendant is unlikely to fulfill the obligations of the bond.

Choosing the right bondsman Aurora CO can be a financial gamble. Before you use your resources to post bail or for your loved one, learn about the legal implications and consequences of failing to appear after posting bail. State bail bond regulations change frequently and vary from a different state. To learn more about bail bonds, visit us at LuckyLucero’s Bail Bonds. We are the best bondsman Aurora CO that has been in business since 1982.

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