Arrested? Should I Call A Bail Bondsman Or A Lawyer?

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If you or someone you care about has been arrested, it is normal to call someone for assistance. They can be your family or your friends, but sooner or later you will have to need some legal assistance. Many people are unsure who to call first – a lawyer or a bail bondsman in Colorado.

The most simple and probably the best answer is – call both. 

A trusted and reputable bail bondsman in Colorado can help you get released quickly and give you an opportunity to live a normal life. Hiring a lawyer after your arrest will give you a legal defender and will help you preserve evidence that will help you build a defense strategy for your case.

Sounds very simple, right? However, just 39% of Americans could comfortably cover an unexpected expense of $1000. But for the majority of the population, hiring both a bail bondsman and a lawyer at the same time would not be an option. 

So what can you do now? If you really have to choose only one after the arrest, definitely it would be the bail bondsman

A Bail Bondsman Can Get You Out Of Jail. Fast.

When you or someone are arrested, the first logical objective would be to get released. The lawyer can help you in your defense when your case comes into trial, but it is important that you have to get released first. Acquiring the services of the most reputable bail bondsman Colorado can offer, you can easily reach that objective. 

If you or someone isn’t bailed out of a local jail after several hours, a transfer to the county jail will be certain. A local jail is bad, but a county jail is even worse. Most of the time, these county jails are crowded and generally a terrible environment to be in. Being bailed out of jail as fast as possible is necessary to avoid this potential unfortunate experience. A bail bondsman can help you with this in no time.

Bail bondsman services are available 24/7, so seeking for bail assistance will easily be accessible. 

Bailing Out Can Give The Defendant A Better Position.

Many suspects have admitted to a crime that they did not do. Why? Because of plea bargains offered by the prosecutor. A plea bargain is an agreement where the prosecutor asks the defendant to take a plea for a crime in exchange of a chance to be allowed to go home. This is a very big disadvantage to the defendant, especially since this is a lure to let go of the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

But when the defendant has been bailed out, prosecutors are less likely to offer a plea bargain. This puts the defendant in a better position, and lets him/her work with the lawyer on trial preparations after the release.

Final Thoughts

Both hiring a bail bondsman and a lawyer are beneficial to help a defendant, but it is necessary to know who to call for help first. Seeking legal advice is very important to avoid worsening the situation, even if you are innocent. When it comes to the best bail bondsman Colorado has to offer, Lucky Lucero’s bail bonds won’t let you down.Call us at 303-659-2245 and we will help you in no time!

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