8 Factors that Play a Huge Role in the Denial of Bail

Bail is a constitutional right. However, there are certain factors that trigger instances in which suspects are not allowed to post bail after an arrest. Here are a few probable causes that could cause bail to be denied:

Capital Offense

This is the biggest reason a judge will deny bail.

A capital offense is a serious or heinous crime committed by an individual or a group. It includes rape, various forms of murder, kidnapping, treason, espionage, and death due to aircraft hijacking. These are crimes that require suspects to remain locked up even if their case is still in court.

Crimes that are not punishable by life sentence or death penalty are bailable. A person who commits these offenses are allowed to post bail through a reliable bail bond company like the bail bonds Greeley specialist Colorado lawyers recommend.

Flight Risk

A flight risk refers to a defendant or suspect who would likely disappear after being released on bail. This is a factor that a judge will evaluate with extreme care before finally granting a suspect’s petition for bail. If the judge perceives that your loved one won’t show up in court for trial, it’s highly possible for bail to be denied.

Threat to Society

If the judge believes that your defendant-loved one is a threat to society and to their own person, they will be denied bail.

Repeat Offender

Judges aren’t always lenient with repeat offenders.

If your loved one is on parole or probation for an offense they have committed in the past, their petition for bail will most likely be denied.

Being Disrespectful to the Judge

When making a petition for bail, a defendant must convince the judge of his good behavior and character. The judge can deny bail if a defendant shows disrespectful behavior such as yelling at him in court or being sarcastic when responding to questions.

A history of Missed Court Appearances

People who have repeatedly missed court appearances can portray an image undeserving of trust. It can make a judge believe that they are a flight risk. Hence, bail may be denied. If your loved one has a history of skipping court dates, they should hire an attorney who can convince a judge that the defendant won’t miss any court appearances again.

Mental Impairment

A judge can deny a petition for bail for your loved one if he finds that the latter is mentally impaired based on how they behave in court. A judge can’t afford to let someone who is not in the right state of mind out of jail and expose the public to possible safety risks.

If a judge thinks that a defendant is mentally impaired, they will often ask for a mental evaluation on the latter as a basis for considering bail.

If the case of your loved one doesn’t have any of the factors that can compel a judge to deny bail, you can certainly help to facilitate their release by tapping a trustworthy bail agent like the experienced bail bonds Greeley expert.

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