6 Important Steps to Get Someone Out of Jail through a Bail Bond

It’s 11:00 in the evening. You are about to call it a night after watching your favorite show on Netflix when you receive a call from your brother. He is booked in Adams County jail for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI). As a normal reaction, you rush to the county jail to help your brother, only to realize that you really aren’t sure what to do.

The arrest of a loved one can be a challenge for the entire family. It is important for people to know even just the basics of posting bail. It can help to shorten a loved one’s stay behind bars when things go wrong, especially with the help of an Adams County bail bonds service.

Here are 7 important steps that you need to do to get someone out of jail by posting bail bond:

Make the Call.

If your loved one has already been arrested, you should ask for names of reliable bail bonds companies in the area. They’re the ones who can help you obtain the release of the defendant, especially if you don’t have cash to pay the total bail amount.

You don’t need to worry even if it’s already past midnight. There are lots of bail agencies that are open 24 hours and willing to post Adams county bail bonds anytime of the day. Just be sure that you have all the necessary information about the defendant to facilitate processing.

Ask the Bondsman Some Questions

Once you have a name of the bail bond agency, be ready to ask the bail bondsman specific questions about:

  • The bail process and how it works
  • Their license and authority to operate
  • Their premium and other fees
  • The type or nature of crime their bond can cover
  • The length of time it takes to get the defendant out of jail

Verify the Reputation of the Bail Bond Company

Ascertain that your desire to help isn’t in vain by finding a bail agency with a good reputation. Here are a few things you can do to ascertain the integrity of a bail bond company, how they handle and address issues, and how transparent they are with their fees and costs:

  • Ask around
  • Read different reviews
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau

You May Be Required to Wait

No matter how efficient your bail bondsman may be, there are times when waiting can’t be avoided especially if your petition for bail falls on the last working day of the week or prior to a non-working holiday. When situations like this arise, it would be fair for you to be a bit patient because situations like these are beyond the control of a bail bond company.

Prepare Your Collateral

When you apply for a bail bond collateral is usually necessary as a guarantee for the total bail amount. It’s a way for bail bond agencies to protect themselves from defendants who break bail conditions that lead to a court’s forfeiture of the bail.

In some instances, a credit card is accepted. You may also use your property such as a house, car, or other high-value assets to secure a bond.

Know Your Rights and Obligations

As the person who posted bail for your loved one, you should know that you are entitled to certain rights and bound to obey specific obligations:

  • As an indemnitor or co-signer of a bond, you are liable for the bail amount if your defendant-loved one fails to show up on all court dates which results in the forfeiture of the bond.
  • If the defendant is nowhere to be found resulting in the forfeiture of the bail, you will be responsible for the bail amount. Additionally, you can’t ask for a refund of the bond premium because it is non-refundable.
  • You will be responsible for any fees incurred in locating the defendant and have him put back in jail.
  • It is your responsibility to call the bail agency if you feel that your loved one is a flight risk.
  • You have the right to reclaim the bond premium you paid or resign as co-signer if the defendant is put back in jail and the bail is not revoked by the court. Just notify your bail agency of your intent to be released from the bond so that they can secure a judge’s signature of approval.
  • You have the right to reclaim your bond collateral after the case is concluded, regardless of the verdict

The arrest of a loved one can cause stress, confusion, anxiety and financial problems. During these times of trial, a defendant needs freedom in order to live a normal life, work with an attorney and focus on establishing their defense. With that said, it is imperative for the other family members like you to find a way to secure the defendant’s release.

If you need to bail someone out of jail, you should seek the help of an expert Adams County Colorado bail bondsman. It could be the only way to obtain freedom for an incarcerated loved one without paying the entire bail amount.

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