4 Tips to Avoid Bail Bond Scams and Fraud

Getting a bail bond is considered by many to be the fastest solution to to get someone out of jail. When an arrest is made and a defendant is placed under police custody, concerned family and friends would do anything to make sure that their loved one gets out fast.

However, when people are desperate, they often become more susceptible to fraud. Families and friends of people who have been arrested are no exception and sometimes become victims of bail bond fraud.

Falling under Grandparent Scam, bail fraud happens when con artists pose as family members in distress. They get in touch with a grandparent to ask for fictitious bail money. The grandparent gives in and finds out too late that they have been scammed.

To avoid being scammed, you need to find a reputable bail bonds company to help you out. The process requires the defendant to disclose all the needed information on the arrest and sign a bail bond contract. Upon release from jail, the defendant accepts the responsibility of appearing before the court on specific dates that have been set for trial.

The truth, however, is that these days, some companies are not the legitimate bail bond services provider they claim to be. Are you doubtful of the bail bonds company that you are dealing with? Here are some red flags:

Big Discount

Bail bond companies charge fees that are essentially set by the law. It is questionable for a bail bondsman to give you a huge discount. When this happens, chances are you are dealing with a fraudulent company.


When a bail bond company does active solicitation, that is also a warning sign. Bail bond companies serve a specific market and address a specific need. Advertising is one thing, solicitation is a different story—and legitimate bail bond companies don’t engage in it.

No License

A bail bondsman should have a proper license. To operate in a state like Colorado, a bail bonds company should obtain a license and openly declare it to clients. If the bail bonds service you are dealing with has no proof of license, it is most likely a scammer trying to victimize you.

Asking for Fee Before Presenting Paper Work

There are fees involved when seeking to post pail through a bail bond company. However, all paperwork will have to be dealt with before you go into signing a contract or paying any amount. Don’t hand them any money when they cannot present documents proving the legitimacy of their business.

When trying to obtain bail bond services, make sure that the bail bonds company you are dealing with is the real deal. Do your research and ask around; you don’t want to waste your money and risk your or your loved one’s freedom.

Find the best bail bonds team to help you out and commit to the obligations on your side of the deal.

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