4 Simple ways to secure your home from burglars

Who doesn’t love the 90’s Christmas movie Home Alone? A hilarious movie about a naughty 8-year-old kid who was mistakenly left at home by his family who goes off for a vacation in Paris. He discovers that two burglars are planning to rob his house on Christmas Eve, and he must do everything he can to protect his home. This is a classic movie that is not only whimsical but also teaches us a lot of lessons.

Burglary is considered a felony or misdemeanor and is most common in rural suburban areas. According to the FBI, there are over 1 million burglaries that occur in the US each year. If you think about it, a break-in occurs every 31 seconds in the US. Penalties for burglary can range from one to 48 years of prison time and fines between $1,000 and $1,000,000 fine. If your loved one has been arrested for burglary, contact bail bonds in Colorado for assistance.

Keeping your home safe should be your top priority. And protecting your home does not mean putting booby traps like what Kevin from Home Alone did. There are simple and effective ways you can do to keep your home secured.

1. Invest in a smart security system
Installing a home security system is an effective way to keep burglars from entering your home. Modern security cameras can alert you through a smartphone or tablet if there’s movement around your house. Also, there are window sensors that will let you know if someone is trying to enter your home.

One of the most popular security cameras in the market today is the Ring camera which can alert and record movements outside your house. According to studies, an intruder is most likely to spare your house from burglary if they spot any security camera. Some security companies can also call the authorities for you if intruders have been detected. Check out bail bonds Colorado if your loved ones have been arrested for burglary.

2. Install a motion-sensor lighting
Burglars are likely to avoid houses that are well-lighted. Putting motion-activated lighting outside your home can illuminate the area when movement has been detected. The bright light will catch the burglar off guard and can scare them off.

3. Upgrade your door and window locks
Most standard locks that come with the house are unsecured and can easily be opened by a lock pick. In this case, investing in a more secure lock will keep your home safer from any burglary. You can also put additional locks which can only be opened from the inside.

You can also consider installing smart locks which do not need keys and will let you open the door using a finger scan, keypad, or smartphone.

4. Keep away from posting on social media

As burglars are now tech-savvy, some may stalk you on social media and keep tabs on when you are on vacation or out of town to strike a burglary in your home. If you really want to post on social media your swimsuit photos from your trip to Barbados, you can share them when your trip is over or just share them with your close friends through a private message.

In Colorado, burglary is defined as knowingly entering or breaking into someone’s property with an intent to commit a crime. This is considered a felony offense and punishable by law. This is subject to prison time and fines depending on the degree of the burglary. Check out bail bonds Colorado for more information on how a bail agent can help your arrested loved ones get out of jail.

It can be hard dealing with a loved one arrested due to burglary. Good thing, there are bail bonds in Colorado like Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds who are available for you 24/7 to help in ensuring that your loved ones are safe at home with you while awaiting a court date. Call now!

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