4 Facts To Know before Availing Bail Bonds

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There are seven major crimes reported in UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting Systems) which the city of Aurora Police Department in Colorado has voluntarily participated in. These seven major crimes are categorized into two groups – Violent Crime and Property Crime. Violent crimes are murder, forcible sex assault (rape), aggravated assault, and robbery. On the other hand, Property Crime involves burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft).

Now if you have been accused of a crime, you will be needing help from bail bonds in Aurora Colorado. Here are facts you need to know before you go to a bondsman in Aurora Co.

1. Bail Bonds are Loans

In a normal scenario, when a person is being arrested, he/she will immediately be put into jail and will then have to wait until a bail hearing on which a judge will set a bail amount. The said bail amount must be paid to the court if the person arrested is to be released from jail, if not paid the person will have to stay in jail until their court hearing. The amount of bail paid shall be returned as long as the defendant shows up for all court dates. 

Essentially, calling a bail bondsman is availing a short-term loan that the agent pays to the court on your behalf so that the defendant can be released from jail. And like the other loans, this has a fee also. In Colorado, the bail premium or fee is 15% or $50 minimum, non-refundable. 

2. You Might Not Need a Bail Bond At All

There are other options besides getting a bail bond. One is you can pay for the bail amount with your own cash which may help save a lot of money as long as the defendant shows up on all court dates. However, it is a risk and you are putting all the responsibility of the entire bond amount in your hands. Physical assets can be also used as collateral like real estate, stocks, bonds, and bank accounts. If you decide to hire a bondsman in Aurora Co, ask the agent what bond the judge will accept.

3. The State Regulates All the Bail Bonds Fee

Since all bail bonds offices are licensed and regulated in Colorado, the last thing you want to worry about is having to bargain shop during stressful times. Fees for all bail bonds are set by local statutes and regulations and are not set by individual bail bond offices. All you have to consider when choosing the bail bonds in aurora colorado is whether they are licensed, experienced, and easy to work with. With all that stress, it’s just a good move to leverage the other works to the bondsmen.

4. You are Ultimately Responsible for Defendant showing up to court

Understanding that you choose to sign a bail bond for your friends or family members is important as agreeing to take on the financial responsibility if they choose not to show up to court is yours. If the defendant shows up in court, you only have to pay the fee, but if he/she won’t show up you have to pay the whole amount. 

Final Thoughts

Choose a bail bonds agency that is already years in service and can be trusted. At Lucky Lucero’s Bail Bonds, we have been helping since 1982. Call us at 303-659-2245.

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