3 Things to Expect If You Can’t Post Bail

It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people end up serving time behind bars before they are found guilty of a crime. Most of the time, this is because they cannot afford to post bail. If the bail amount set by the court is steep; getting help from a Colorado bail bonds agency could be the answer.

When seeking bail bonds in Colorado, you will need to pay a fee ranging anywhere from 10% to 30% of the entire bail amount. For individuals who simply cannot afford it, there is no other option than to sit in jail even before they have been convicted of their crimes.

Here are 3 things that can happen if you are unable to post bail.

Stay in overcrowded jails.

Jail overcrowding has long been an issue and it is something one might actually experience first-hand if they fail to post bail. Overcrowded jails are often the most dangerous place both for prison employees and prisoners. There is an increased risk of riots, violence, the spread of disease, and more. It is highly encouraged to seek out bail bonds in Colorado so you won’t have to experience this yourself. Moreover, being jailed before your trial can lead to the loss of your job and other consequences.

Sit and wait.

Not posting bail means the best thing you can do before your trial is to sit and wait. That also means you need to remain in jail until the court sets your trial date. This can be a few days or weeks and can even take months! If it is your loved one who got arrested, you will want them to be released as quickly as possible. Hiring a Colorado bail bonds agency can get them out faster.

Hope that your time served may be reduced.

Although it all depends on what the judge has decided, he or she may take it into account the time you have been sitting in jail while waiting for your trial. For example, if you are sentenced to prison for a year, but have been sitting in jail for already 3 months, you may only need to serve nine more months.

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